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David Webb Ancient World Vintage Carved Jade Ear Clips

David Webb Ancient World Vintage Carved Jade Ear Clips

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Experience the heavenly allure of jade with David Webb's Ancient World Vintage Carved Jade Button Earrings. These exquisite Art Deco-inspired earrings, likely dating back to the 1980s, are a testament to the enduring significance of jade in Chinese culture. Historically revered as the "stone of heaven," jade symbolizes longevity, wisdom, and purity, with its Mandarin character signifying both "imperial" and "heaven."

Designed by American jewelry luminary David Webb, these earrings epitomize the fusion of precious materials and ancient symbolism. Crafted from 18K yellow gold and platinum, they feature rich Chinese jade carvings encircled by 16 cabochon red rubies and 16 round brilliant-cut diamonds. Webb's signature marks adorn these symmetrical, domed clip-back earrings.

Webb's profound fascination with the art and artifacts of ancient cultures informs these masterpieces. Inspired by global civilizations, his Ancient World collection breathes new life into timeless motifs.

Carved with meticulous artistry, the jade motifs feature stylized domes reminiscent of auspicious tortoise shells. Incorporating cabochon rubies and intricate geometric scrolls rooted in Chinese symbolism adds an element of magic. Each earring measures approximately 1.25 inches in diameter and bears an overall weight of about 70.30 grams.

These earrings are a window to the ancient world, encapsulating its wisdom and beauty while connecting heaven and earth. Donning these treasures is believed to invite blessings into one's life. Discover the enchanting history and artistry of David Webb's Ancient World Vintage Carved Jade Button Earrings.

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David Webb


18K Yellow Gold

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