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81 Carat Vintage Diamond Matinee Riviere Necklace

81 Carat Vintage Diamond Matinee Riviere Necklace

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“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” William Shakespeare uses this line in Romeo and Juliet to convey that naming things is a mere convention that does not necessarily have worth or meaning. But in the instance of the riviere necklace, knowing the name—and the definition underlying it—only makes this jewelry form all the more meaningful and poetic.

A riviere necklace is a flowing river of jewels. Such a magnificent necklace should have an equally magnificent description. This form, first introduced in the 1700s, features all the same size or progressively larger jewels, set in separate collets or bezels, and later in prong or claw mountings. The necklace typically presents a single type of gemstone of the same cut and shape with no other ornamentation, so the focus is on the beauty of the gemstones and, at times, the skillful graduation in size. For example, if you did not know that this was a riviere necklace, you would think it was a tennis bracelet-turned-necklace. What’s in a name, indeed.

That which we call an eternity necklace is certainly more poetic as it rolls off the tongue, but this particular Vintage Diamond Riviere Necklace is neither tennis nor eternity, simply because there is graduation in the stones. Made in the 20th century, circa 1970s-1980s, this stunning vintage 22 inch-long (55.88 cm) necklace is crafted in platinum and features 75 graduating round diamonds weighing an estimated total of approximately 81.00 carats of I-J color and VS-SI clarity. Each stone is held with 4 prongs placed in such a way to make the rounds look diamond-shaped. The elongated rectangular clasp is the only design detail that breaks the flow, adorned with an emerald-cut diamond weighing an estimated 1.70 carats. All diamonds are natural and not certified. The necklace is in excellent condition and part of a private collection.

A diamond necklace such as this has an exceptional radiance and a bold presence that is utterly dazzling. Visualize such a river of flashing light flowing all around your neck, illuminating your face and decolletage with grace. It is rare that such a luxurious design could look both formal and effortless at the same time. This particular riviere is a timeless classic that simply goes with everything, from day to night, from casual to evening wear.

Measures approx. 22” in length (55.88 cm). Total diamond weight approx. 81.00 carats, I-J color, VS-SI clarity. One emerald-cut diamond on the clasp weighs a total of 1.70 carats. Overall weight approx. 63.11 grams, made in platinum. Pre-owned, part of a private collection, in Pristine condition. Circa 1970s, 1980s.

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