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Spectra Fine Jewelry Yellow Diamond Halo Drop Earrings

Spectra Fine Jewelry Yellow Diamond Halo Drop Earrings

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No two diamonds are the same in crystalline structure, yet there are certain applications such as earrings where you would want them to look similar in size and shape. Considering the uniqueness of every stone, finding “matching” diamond pairs requires an expert eye to ensure the most symmetrical appearance. As you can imagine, the challenge grows as carat weight increases.

Made by Spectra Fine Jewelry in the Contemporary era, 2020, these important Yellow Diamond Sunburst Halo Drop Earrings achieve the great feat of presenting matching pairs of yellow diamonds despite their spectacular size. And their spectacular size makes them even more stunning. The symmetrical pair features two rectangular radiant-cut fancy yellow diamonds set with 18K yellow gold talon prongs, weighing an estimated 10.16 carats and 10.61 carats. The diamonds are accompanied report no. 2145897042 dated July 31, 2012, and no. 2155296408 dated March 22, 2013, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating that they are both natural fancy yellow diamonds of even color distribution and VVS2 clarity.

With a sunburst design worthy of the Sun King Louis XIV himself, the distinctive 1.69-inch (4.3 mm) long drops are crafted in 18K yellow gold and platinum, set with pavé diamond halos which hug the contours of the cut-cornered rectangular center stones. The symmetrical pair is further accented with an additional 32 mixed-cut diamonds comprising two sunburst halos. Two diagonally oriented square-cut diamonds that are both prong- and bezel-set for drama connect the lever back ear wires embellished with a single line of pavé diamonds to the sparkling yellow suns. The estimated total weight of white diamonds is 4.79 carats.

Fancy yellow diamonds are extremely rare and highly sought after with only one out of approximately 10,000 carats mined being a natural fancy colored diamond. Yellow diamonds are the most desired of colors with have traces of nitrogen in their crystal structure which cause the yellow color. These two unrivaled examples are presented as eight-sided radiant cuts to express the nuances in color more fully and capture light beautifully. Radiant-cut diamonds possess a silhouette very similar to a rectangular emerald shape with cut corners, but its facets are cut in a more similar way to that of round brilliant diamonds. This means that the appearance of the diamond has an effervescent hypnotizing sparkle. The colors in this pair of natural fancy yellow diamonds bring subtlety, making these show-stopping jeweled drops seem dazzling enough to warm the Earth. Yellow as the color of the sun symbolizes hope, happiness, optimism, and energy. At the very least, these radiant suns will certainly light up the room.

Measures approx. 1.69’ (4.3 mm) in length each. Two impeccably matched Radiant fancy yellow diamonds in the center - 10.16 carats and 10.61 carats, certified by GIA, stating that they are of VVS2 clarity. The center stones are surrounded by 34 mixed cut diamonds, weighing a total of 4.79 carats. Overall weight approx. 18.40 grams, made in platinum and 18k yellow gold; circa 2020.

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