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Spectra Fine Jewelry Yellow Diamond Flower Dinner Engagement Ring 1.31ct

Spectra Fine Jewelry Yellow Diamond Flower Dinner Engagement Ring 1.31ct

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It is diamonds upon diamonds, quite literally, in this lovely Fancy Yellow Diamond Cocktail Ring made by Spectra Fine Jewelry in 2015, and the interplay of sparkle, light, and color are simply exquisite. The ring is crafted in 18K white and rose gold and centers on a round modified brilliant yellow diamond with a sizeable table and weighing an estimated 1.31 carats. The diamond is accompanied by a report by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating that it is natural diamond of fancy yellow color with good polish and symmetry and VVS2 clarity. A single pink diamond, bezel-set in 18K rose gold, is drilled into the center of the yellow diamond. The mounting which encircles the yellow diamond is embellished with pink pavé diamonds that continue partway around the band.

The unique mounting is comprised of two staggered and layered openwork squares with rounded corners and concave sides that create a sculptural look of 8 figural flower petals. Each curved petal is embellished with three pink diamonds pavé-set in 18K rose gold, repeating the beautiful color combination of the floral center. The pairing of rose gold and pink diamonds adds a modern feminine touch and is such an appealing tone-on-tone combination. Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of pure gold and copper with silver included to lighten up the color. The blend of the metals creates the distinctive pinkish tint. The split shank ring band is crafted in white gold with a third rose gold band down the middle, adding to the complexity of the piece. The overall coolness of the band complements the pink pavé diamonds well. Even though it is known how other natural fancy colored diamonds get their color, there is only speculation on how pink diamonds get theirs. One of the theories is that they get their color from the force of the Earth’s surface altering the structure of the diamond, forcing the stone to absorb light differently and emit the pink hue.

In the case of yellow diamonds, nitrogen is incorporated into their carbon crystal structure which cause the yellow color. All fancy colored diamonds follow the same color grading scale: Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid. As the color concentration increases within the stone, so does its value. The fancy yellow colored diamond is held with four rose-gold talon prongs, which seems like an unusual choice compared with yellow gold. However, the rose gold amplifies the various nuanced tones in the stone and reflects all of that beautiful metal. Colored diamonds are truly an enchanting anomaly of nature to contemplate and enjoy and this flower ring amplifies the delicate nuances beautifully.

Size US 6.5, can be resized. Round fancy yellow diamond weighing 1.31 carats, VVS2 clarity, accompanied with GIA certificate. Pink diamond center and surrounding pave. Overall weight approx. 6.53 grams, made in 18k two-tone golds. Circa 2015.

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