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Spectra Fine Jewelry Yellow Brown Fancy Diamond Drop Earrings

Spectra Fine Jewelry Yellow Brown Fancy Diamond Drop Earrings

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Fancy color diamonds can be enjoyed for all their delightful nuances, exhibiting rare hues that extend beyond the standard grading scale. There is so much dazzle and pleasing warmth in these exceptionally dramatic Diamond Drop Earrings, made in the 21st century by Spectra Fine Jewelry. The earrings are crafted in two metals—platinum and 18K yellow gold—and feature two remarkably sized fancy colored diamonds weighing an estimated 64.04 carats total. The cushion shape radiant-cut diamonds are accompanied by two reports the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating they are both natural diamonds of “Fancy Deep Yellow-Brown” color with even color distribution. One that weighs approximately 31.90 carats is of I1 clarity and the other that weighs approximately 32.14 carats is of I2 clarity.

Fancy color diamonds are yellow and brown diamonds that exhibit color beyond the Z range, or diamonds that exhibit any other color face-up. When a diamond falls outside of GIA's D-to-Z color scale, it is graded in order of increasing color strength, from Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, up to Fancy Deep, like this pair of stones. Brown diamonds have a unique beauty and get their color from the extreme pressure present within the earth’s crust which causes movement in the diamond’s molecular structure. The color can be a result of hydrogen, nitrogen, and nickel present within the gem’s chemical composition. These Fancy Deep Yellow-Brown diamonds have vibrant honey yellow hues with a strong and rich brown color saturation and a gorgeous sparkle.

The stones are set in harmonizing warm yellow gold, held with a proliferation of 16 delicate talon prongs per stone and surrounded with drop halos of white pavé diamonds set in platinum. The halos hug the perimeter of the round-cornered square stones and are each further accented with 5 tapered pear-shape white diamonds. The ornate and sparkling arrangement is repeated in the studs at the top of design, each composed of singular round brilliant-cut diamonds surrounded by 8 round diamonds in alternating sizes, spaced apart at cardinal and ordinal points. These rounds are mounted in cluster settings where the outer edge placement of single prongs make them appear pear-shaped. Spectra Fine Jewelry certainly pulls out all the stops in this opulent symmetrical pair with myriad diamond shapes, cuts, and colors to delight our senses.

At the center of the earrings are yet another spectacular pair of diamonds. Suspended within the openwork drop are a pair of 6-sided kite-shape white diamonds with an estimated total weight of 2.04 carats. The diamonds are accompanied by two reports from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating one which weighs an estimated 1.04 carats is of H color and VVS1 clarity, and the other weighs an estimated 1.00 carat of J color and VS1 clarity. Kite-shaped diamonds emerged in the Art Deco period, around the 1920s. Symmetrical and rhombus-like, kite diamonds are a combination of step cut and brilliant cut. Even with a bit less sparkle, due to its step-cut qualities, the kite diamond radiates subtle shine and its elongated diamond-shape is sensual and modern.

Each earring measures approx. 2.75” (6.99cm) in length, for pierced ears outfitted with posts and locking backs. 2 Cushion Fancy Deep Yellow Brown Diamonds: 31.90 carats, I1 clarity and 32.14 carats I2 clarity; both accompanied with GIA certificates. 2 shield-cut diamonds: 1.04 carats, H color, VVS1 clarity and and 1.00 carats J color, VS1 clarity; both accompanied with GIA certificates. Round and pear-shaped Diamond total weight is approx. 3.83 carats. The total diamond weight for these earrings is an estimated 69.91 carats. Overall weight approx. 29.58 grams, made in platinum and 18k yellow gold. Circa 21st Century.

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