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Spectra Fine Jewelry Sapphire Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 15.67ct

Spectra Fine Jewelry Sapphire Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 15.67ct

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Carat Weight: Sapphire 15.67 ct. & 7.68 cts. diamonds
Color/Clarity: Ceylon blue sapphire
Certifications: C. Dunaigre
Size: 5.75
Creator: Spectra Fine Jewelry
Metal: Platinum
Weight: 21.58 grams
Period: 2016
Condition: New/Excellent

Spectra Fine Jewelry's 2016 Platinum Halo Ring showcases a celestial 15.67-carat Ceylon blue sapphire, certified by C. Dunaigre lab. With indications of heating, the sapphire is surrounded by 36 pear-shaped diamonds, totaling approximately 7.68 carats, and crafted with precision. The inner halo features 18 deep-set diamonds, while the outer cluster creates a captivating light dance. Symbolizing eternity and nobility, sapphires have adorned historic treasures and royal engagements. Paired with diamonds symbolizing eternal love, this bespoke masterpiece weighs approximately 21.58 grams. Size US 5.75, resizable; it epitomizes bespoke elegance and celestial allure, a true testament to Spectra Fine Jewelry's craftsmanship.

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Category :RINGS
Metal :PLAT
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