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Spectra Fine Jewelry Rose Cut Diamond Opera Necklace

Spectra Fine Jewelry Rose Cut Diamond Opera Necklace

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What is far better than fabric by the yard? Diamonds by the yard! This delicate and dazzling chain measures 36 inches (91.44 cm), one full yard of diamond chain linked together most interestingly. To say that diamonds go with everything is an understatement, and this versatile chain can be worn with every piece in your wardrobe in multiple ways: singled out as a long opera strand, doubled as a matinee necklace, or wrapped five times around the wrist quite comfortably as a bracelet. The clasp makes it possible to get creative. Made by Spectra Fine Jewelry in the 21st century, 2015, the diamond chain is crafted in 18K white gold. It features 112 rose-cut diamonds weighing an estimated 62.74 carats, or approximately 0.56 carats each, and 58 pavé diamonds weighing an estimated 0.18 carats decorating the clasp.

Rose-cut diamonds were made famous in the Georgian Era in the 1700s and have remerged recently as an ethereal, antique-inspired alternative to more traditional diamond cuts. Their look from afar is delicate, like the fragile beauty of a flower. From up close, their characteristics are even more unique. Much like the sprawling petals of a fully bloomed rose, the peaked top is covered in distinctive triangle facets. Rose-cut diamonds are most unusual, with a faceted dome in place of a flat table on the top like we are used to seeing in faceted gemstones of today. Instead of the pointed pavilion at the bottom, which is a brilliant cut containing facets that help light bounce, enter, and reflect through the diamond, giving it brilliance and fire, rose-cut diamonds have a flat base, much like a cabochon. Their most unique feature is their sparkle. This vintage diamond cut can have 3 to 24 facets on the crown, each bringing slight variation to the shape. Rather than an intense sparkle when the light hits it, the rose cut glows radiantly from within and emits a captivating yet subtle sparkle.

The way these stones are set and joined together is also unique. The stones are joined with minimal metal, leaving the back, front, and edges open to capture and reflect the most light possible. Rather than setting the stones in a collet or prong setting, two tiny loops in 18K white gold are inserted directly into the diamonds on either side and linked to a third loop to keep all the stones flat. The rose cut reveals the true nature of the stones, emphasizing their unique characteristics and raw beauty, and with this clever construction, we can see the gems in all their glory. Because there is less brilliance and reflection to distract from such flaws, rose cuts require high-quality diamonds.

Measures approx. 36” (91.44 cm) in length. 112 rose-cut diamonds weighing 62.74 carats (0.56 carats each). 58 pave diamonds weighing 0.18 carats. The total diamond weight is approx. 62.92 carats. The weight of the chain is 16.39 grams, made in 18k white gold. Circa 2015.

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18K White Gold

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