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Spectra Fine Jewelry Marquis Diamond Drop Earrings

Spectra Fine Jewelry Marquis Diamond Drop Earrings

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The beauty of the marquise-cut diamond is not only its unusual silhouette but its captivating sparkle. Over the last 300 years, it has evolved to have 58 facets, equal to the round brilliant-cut diamond, which displays the most brilliance, fire, and scintillation of all diamond cuts. The marquise cut, with its long almond shape, plump center, and pointed ends, has a daringly provocative back story. The cut came into being in the 18th century during the Baroque period (1600-1750) as an ode to kissable lips. King Louis XV (1710-1774) of France commissioned a jeweler to create a completely unique diamond shape that compared to the lips of his mistress, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764), or Madame de Pompadour, as she was known.

These exceptional Marquis Diamond Drop Earrings made by Spectra Fine Jewelry in the Contemporary era, circa 21st century, are the crème de la crème, delicately adorned with artful sparkling flourishes. However, the true showstoppers of the delicate design are two colorless and Internally Flawless diamonds. Crafted in platinum, the drop earrings feature two marquise diamonds with an estimated weight of 11.19 carats total. The diamonds are accompanied by individual reports from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), each stating they are of D color and IF clarity—or colorless and Internally Flawless—with an estimated weight of 5.48 and 5.03 carats, respectively. Further, the 5.03 carat (approx.) diamond received a “type IIa” classification from the GIA, and the certificate is included in the grading report. Type IIa diamonds are the most chemically pure and often have exceptional optical transparency.

A D-color diamond is the ultimate in colorless perfection. The exceptional stones are sublime when combined with IF or Internally Flawless clarity. Even more rare, significant and special is a type IIa diamond. A diamond is created by tremendous heat and pressure within the earth that cause carbon atoms to form together and take shape. Throughout this process, the diamond takes on certain characteristics that affect its appearance. A diamond is typically composed of 99.95 percent carbon. The other 0.05 percent can include one or more trace elements like nitrogen. According to the GIA, type II diamonds contain little, if any, nitrogen. As such, they are quite rare, with less than 2% of all gem diamonds receiving this classification.
The marquise diamonds are held with triple talon prongs at the center of each stone at East and West and tastefully embellished with razor-thin diamond pavé halos which hug the pointed oval shapes, with diamond trefoil flourishes at cardinal points. The diamond pavé continues up through four linking round rings and the earring wire. The striking movement in these drop earrings generated from the linking rings amplifies this sublime pair's gorgeous scintillation and fire. The diamond pave is repeated on the reverse of the mountings, tracing the pointed oval shapes in a delicate recapitulation. Everything is in flawless balance in this pair that is supreme beyond measure.

Measures approx. 2.25" x 0.8", designed for pierced ears. 2 main diamonds: 5.48 carats, D color, IF clarity, and 5.03 carats, D color, IF clarity; both certified by GIA. Overall weight approx. 13.11 grams, made in platinum. Circa 21st Century.

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