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Spectra Fine Jewelry Green Yellow Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 5.67ct

Spectra Fine Jewelry Green Yellow Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 5.67ct

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While gazing upon the beauty of this fancy-colored diamond engagement ring, you can almost hear Shakespeare’s lyrical words in Sonnet 18, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” Indeed, this warm and sparkling gemstone is a poetic symbol of eternal love, with subtle beauty and staying power. Imagine your statement of true love amplified with this everlasting ring, the color of the Sun itself. Made in the 21st century, 2010s, by Spectra Fine Jewelry, this Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring features a square emerald-cut fancy-colored diamond with an estimated weight of 5.67 carats. The cut is a variation of the emerald cut featuring a square step-cut facet arrangement with relatively wide corners. The horizontal “step” facets return large flashes of light that move relatively slowly to the eye, as opposed to the rapid scintillation of the brilliant styles.

The diamond is accompanied by report no. 2125249781, dated June 30, 2010, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It is a natural diamond of fancy greenish-yellow color with even distribution and VS1 clarity. The spectacular cut-cornered square gem is set in warm 18K yellow gold with four double talon prongs and accented with two white round brilliant-cut diamonds on either side weighing approximately 0.50 carat each. In addition, the diamonds are set in cool, gleaming platinum with four talon prongs per stone and accompanied by report nos. 15613687 and 15613685, both dated October 30, 2006, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating they are of H color and VS2 and SI1 clarity, respectively.

Fancy green-yellow diamonds are beautiful, rare, and valuable, with only one out of approximately 10,000 carats mined a natural fancy-colored diamond. Yellow diamonds have traces of nitrogen in their crystal structure which causes the yellow color. Green diamonds are colored by radiation exposure or by traces of nitrogen, hydrogen, or nickel in their crystal structure. Laboratory irradiation treatments have been used commercially since the late 1940s to create green color in diamonds and closely mimic the effects of natural radiation exposure. In addition, this gemstone is naturally occurring with no evidence of heating, making the subtle color more exceptional.

The styling of this ring is timeless and stunning, with minimal metal, allowing the cut, color, and dazzling effects of the diamonds to take center stage. The center stone is a square emerald-cut diamond which, at this great size and excellent VS1 clarity, entrances with that infinite hall-of-mirrors effect or “windmill” pattern with the facets running from the corners on both the crown and pavilion but also creates an incredible scintillation and fire, much like the Sun itself. Love’s power to immortalize is celebrated in this three-stone engagement ring which tells the story of the couple’s past, present, and future together, with the center stone symbolizing the present. Shakespeare said it best in Sonnet 18— “thy eternal summer shall not fade.”

Size US 6; can be resized. Square emerald-cut diamond of fancy greenish yellow color weighs approx. 5.67 carats, VS1 clarity, accompanied by a GIA Certificate. Two round white diamonds on both sides: 0.50 carats, H color, SI1 clarity and 0.50 carats, H color, VS2 clarity; both certified by GIA. Overall weight approx. 6.96 grams; made in platinum; circa 2010s.

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