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Spectra Fine Jewelry GIA Certified Natural Fancy Vivid Green-Yellow Diamond 18K White Gold Open Crossover Twin Ring

Spectra Fine Jewelry GIA Certified Natural Fancy Vivid Green-Yellow Diamond 18K White Gold Open Crossover Twin Ring

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The sculptural curve of this open crossover ring made by Spectra Fine Jewelry in 2020 is embellished with two rows of pave diamonds, set partway along the band in 18K white gold, and punctuated by two fancy vivid green-yellow diamonds, weighing just over one carat each. One of the green-yellow diamonds is square-cut, weighing approximately 1.10 carat, and is accompanied by report no. 6193425435 dated January 25, 2019, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating that it is a natural diamond of fancy vivid yellow color and even distribution with VS1 clarity. The other green-yellow diamond is radiant-cut, weighing approximately 1.11 carat, and is accompanied by report no. 5191479156 of the same date, stating that it is a natural diamond of fancy vivid green-yellow color and even distribution with VS2 clarity. Neither diamond has evidence of heating nor enhancement.
Fancy vivid green-yellow diamonds are not only beautiful, but they are also rare and quite valuable. They are a rare subset of the most common kind of diamonds, known as the Cape Series, or type 1a; however, natural yellow color diamonds are extremely rare, with only one out of approximately 10,000 carats mined being a natural fancy color diamond. Yellow diamonds have traces of nitrogen in their crystal structure which cause the yellow color. Green diamonds are colored either by radiation exposure or by traces of nitrogen, hydrogen, or nickel in their crystal structure.
Laboratory irradiation treatments have been used commercially since the late 1940s to create green color in diamond and closely mimic the effects of natural radiation exposure. These two gemstones are naturally occurring with no evidence of heating, making their yellow-green color more exceptional. On GIA Colored Diamond Grading Reports, colored diamonds are graded in order of increasing color strength, from Faint to Fancy Deep. Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid, as these gemstones are classified, command higher prices.
In this beautiful twin ring, the green-yellow diamonds are expressed in two different cuts—radiant and square—a subtle detail that commands a second look. As with any set of twins, the more you spend time with them, the more their nuanced and subtle differences emerge, such as their various color tones, their sparkle, brilliance, and fire. And the more charmed you become with their individuality. So too with the myriad facets of these natural fancy vivid green-yellow diamonds, presented poetically on opposing ends of a single open curve, yet complementing each other splendidly.

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