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Spectra Fine Jewelry Emerald Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 11.68ct

Spectra Fine Jewelry Emerald Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 11.68ct

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An emerald-cut emerald is to be admired not only for its elegant clean lines and long parallel step-cuts but also for its color and features unique to the stone. Emeralds are formed in long hexagonal crystals, which not only makes the elongated emerald cut particularly attuned to the natural shape, but also the table facet creates a flattened window ideal for gazing deeper into the verdant stone’s remarkable beauty. This harmonious Contemporary Emerald Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring is made in the 21st century, but it is reminiscent of the classic sleek geometry of an Art Deco design. Crafted in two metals, the ring features an emerald with an estimated weight of 11.68 carats set in 18K yellow gold, flanked by 2 trapezoid diamonds with an estimated weight of 1.89 carats set in platinum. Worn as an engagement ring, the beautiful stones carry the stark composition and make the presentation stand out.

The emerald-cut emerald is accompanied by a report from C. Dunaigre stating that it is a natural beryl-type emerald of a “vivid green” color and Zambian origin with minor clarity enhancement. This vivid green emerald is an exclusive and rare category that refers to the vivid saturation required in making emerald bright and alluring, bold and lustrous. Zambia in Southern Africa is considered the second most significant producer of valuable emeralds after Colombia. Geologically speaking, emeralds are extremely unusual and rare because of their unique formation. An emerald is formed when chromium, vanadium, and iron are present in the mineral beryl. The varying presence of these three elements gives emerald its range of color. Chromium and vanadium make an intense green color. Iron gives the stone a bluish tint. As noted in the report, it is common for emeralds to be clarity-enhanced like this stone, as most emeralds contain surface-reaching features due to their growth conditions in nature and recovery methods. As such, these features are tolerated more in emeralds than virtually any other gem, where color can be prized over clarity.

The emerald cut was developed especially for the verdant stone around the 1500s to create a durable shape with a maximum yield that would show off the beautiful depth of color. The warm 18K yellow gold setting for this Zambian emerald complements the tonalities and makes the stone appear a more pure green. The octagonal emerald is held with single talon-shaped prongs at the cut corners and transitions fluidly to the clean step-cut lines of the flanking trapezoid diamonds, set in platinum, and likewise held with talon prongs. The cathedral setting creates a continuous arc of shimmering light that unites the three stones in pure magic.

Size US 6.5; can be resized. Zambian emerald weight approx. 11.68 carats, accompanied by C.Dunaigre report. 2 trapezoid-shaped diamonds weighing approx. 1.89 carats total (0.93ct & 0.95ct). Overall weight approx. 10.52 grams, made in platinum and 18k gold. Circa 21st Century.

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