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Spectra Fine Jewelry Emerald Cut Tennis Bracelet 36.49ct

Spectra Fine Jewelry Emerald Cut Tennis Bracelet 36.49ct

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A sparkling tennis bracelet will always be a winning play. The rest of your game will fall into place, especially with such a spectacular bracelet on your wrist as your fashionable armor. The world No. 1 women’s singles champion at the time called it correctly when she inadvertently named the tennis bracelet in 1978. As the now famous story goes, Chris Evert was playing an early round match at the US Open when her diamond and gold eternity bracelet went flying off her wrist. She insisted that play be paused until she found it. She did of course, and she won her match too. Evert recalls, "I remember everything about that day. The green court. The white lines. My diamond bracelet and the dripping sweat of competition." The bracelet was her competitive edge and an extension of her game face. It was her way of feeling put together inside and out.

This Spectra Fine Jewelry Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet, made in the 21st century, is crafted in platinum and features 36 emerald-cut diamonds with an estimated total weight of 36.49 carats. The diamonds, with I-J color and VVS-VS clarity, are all certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Each diamond is just over one carat (approximately 1.01 carat each), set simply yet dramatically in individual articulated mountings with 4 talon prongs at the cut corners. Emerald-cut diamonds are instantly recognizable for their mesmerizing geometry of nested rectangles. The unique properties of the cut are defined by rectangular step-cut facets, with the shape highlighting the clarity of the diamonds. The overall weight of the 7-inch-long bracelet is approximately 36.48 grams.

Before it was called a tennis bracelet, this in-line design composed of a single type of gemstone, most commonly diamonds, was known as an eternity bracelet, and before that, a diamond line bracelet. Popular over the course of 100 years since the Roaring 20s, the sparkling bracelet is a timeless and essential classic that can look both formal and effortless at the same time. The minimalist design is devoid of other ornamentation, so the focus is on the beauty of the stones, particularly the uniform level of quality of the grouping. This sleek bracelet is breathtakingly elegant, with gems of unparalleled beauty, and it makes a memorable presentation on the wrist, both on the court and off.

Measures approx. 7” in length (17.78 cm). 36 diamonds (approx. 1.00 carats each), I-J colors, VVS-VS clarity; all GIA certified. Overall weight approx. 36.48 grams, made in 18k white gold. Circa 21st Century.

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