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Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond Burmese Ruby Drop Earrings

Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond Burmese Ruby Drop Earrings

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Long, sleek, and sensual like vintage perfume bottles, these Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond and Burmese Ruby Drop Earrings are as enticing and mysterious as an alluring fragrance. The interaction with these jeweled forms is like the experience of scent. There is that first moment of introduction along with an entrancing effect that lingers. The French have a name for this phenomenon - a sillage or wake of scent that is left behind. Intoxicating with complex beauty, these powerful earrings similarly evoke a sense that stays with you even after your first gaze.

Crafted in platinum and 18K rose gold, the ear clips are embellished with traditional and inversely set diamonds weighing approximately 5 carats of F color and VVS clarity, set in double halos around oval faceted rubies weighing approximately 1.14 carats and 1.10 carats. One of the rubies is accompanied by a report no. 1172827009 dated August 30, 2016, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating that the natural corundum ruby is of vivid red color (described in the trade as the coveted “Pigeon’s Blood”) of Burmese (Myanmar) origin with the indication of minor heating. Inverted diamonds continue down the drops and split into teardrop-shaped double halos around two cut-cornered square brilliant diamonds weighing approximately 3 carats and 3.01 carats. The diamonds are accompanied report no. 1152740324 dated November 5, 2013, and no. 2155881338 dated January 24, 2014, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating that they are natural diamonds of H color and VVS1 clarity.

So why would a jeweler set diamonds spikey side out? The look is bold, strong, and hints a touch of unconventionality up close even though these earrings may look traditional from afar. The inverted setting effectively captures and reflects light in a succession of broad flashes from oblique angles creating the feeling of twilight. Anchoring the top and bottom are captivating jewels—diamonds with radiant sparkle and rubies with a most prized coloration. Burmese rubies are arguably the gold standard by which every ruby is measured. They are the most rare and valuable, prized for their extremely saturated particular color, caused by a high chromium content in the ground from which they are extracted. Pigeon's blood is the term applied to the most highly saturated color and natural red fluorescence possible in a ruby.

Measures approx. 2.75" in length each, just over a tad over 0.5" at widest point. Two radiant diamonds at the bottom of the earrings weigh approx. 3 carats and 3.01 carats, H color, VVS1 clarity, accompanied with the GIA reports. Inversely-set diamonds weigh approx. 5 carats, F color, VVS clarity. Two “pigeon’s blood” oval rubies at the top of the earrings are of Burmese origin with indication of minor heating, approx. 1.14 carats and 1.10 carats; one ruby is GIA certified. Overall weight approx. 27.51 grams, made in platinum and 18k rose gold. Circa 2020.

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