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Spectra Fine Jewelry Burmese Ruby Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Spectra Fine Jewelry Burmese Ruby Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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Burmese rubies stand as the definitive benchmark for assessing the quality of every ruby, renowned for their exceptional rarity and unparalleled color saturation. These rubies, originating from Burma (now Myanmar), are esteemed for their vivid red hues, a result of the elevated chromium content in the earth from which they are extracted. Notably, the mines of Myanmar have ceased production of substantial or gem-quality stones, heightening the value of the existing limited supply, as per the insights of esteemed field gemologist Vincent Pardieu [New York Times; November 22, 2021]. Mining licenses were suspended by the Myanmar government in 2016, contributing to the scarcity of these prized gemstones, many of which were extracted decades or even centuries ago, according to Pardieu.

Given the challenges associated with procurement, Burmese rubies are particularly treasured when uncovered in estate pieces, often undergoing transformation into contemporary embellishments. This ring exemplifies this practice, showcasing a sumptuous ruby with a velvety-red hue salvaged from a vintage piece and ingeniously reimagined into a timeless design by Spectra Fine Jewelry. The Burmese Ruby Diamond Halo Platinum Engagement Ring boasts a certified natural corundum ruby, documented by Gubelin report no. 1002140, dated 23 February 2010, affirming its Burmese origin with indications of thermal heat treatment.

The central oval brilliant-cut ruby, measuring an estimated 7.91 carats, exudes a lush and intense quality, accentuated by a dazzling halo of bright white diamonds weighing approximately 9 carats in total. These diamonds exhibit F-G color and VS clarity, adding to the overall opulence of the piece. The craftsmanship of this ring lies in its opulent detailing, cleverly incorporating marquise and pear-shaped cuts set in multiple elevations to create a play of texture, volume, and brilliance. To enhance the distinctiveness, the fiery centerpiece is secured with four talon-like prongs in 18K yellow gold against a platinum backdrop, imparting a bespoke look that is unattainable in mass-produced jewelry.

With a ring size of US 4.25, resizable for a perfect fit, this masterpiece weighs approximately 15.39 grams, embodying the epitome of sophistication and rarity.

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