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Black Diamond Necklace Earrings Demi Parure Suite by Spectra Fine Jewelry

Black Diamond Necklace Earrings Demi Parure Suite by Spectra Fine Jewelry

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It may surprise many that black diamonds are even rarer than colorless ones. Among natural diamonds, only one in 10,000 is classified as fancy-colored, and genuine black diamonds are scarce. Unlike their transparent counterparts, natural black diamonds are entirely opaque. Yet, like colorless diamonds, black diamonds display a mesmerizing play of colors when they catch the light – a spectrum that radiates when the sun's rays grace these unique gems. Interestingly, black diamonds symbolize justice and inner strength, signifying the courage to stand out from the crowd.

This Spectra Fine Jewelry Black Diamond Demi-Parure Suite is a magnificent spectacle, boasting an estimated 270 carats in carat weight. The suite, created in the 21st century, around the 2010s, consists of two exquisite components – a necklace and a pair of button earrings. The necklace, measuring 17.75 inches (45.08 cm), is designed as a classic pearl strand, featuring a meticulously knotted strand of 61 graduated black diamond faceted beads ranging from approximately 7.00 mm to 11.15 mm in size. With a total gross weight of 53.2 grams, the necklace features a clasp at the back composed of 18K white gold components – a round metal bead and a pop clasp that seamlessly integrates with the design. It exudes the captivating elegance of a strand of Tahitian pearls, with beads ranging from 8 mm to 11 mm in size. This black diamond strand can be evaluated based on five of the seven value factors used to appraise pearls, earning a perfect 5 out of 5 for its exceptional size, shape, color, surface quality, and matching. The only two factors that differ are luster and nacre quality, with black diamonds favoring sparkle over luster, yet they possess a unique and extraordinary beauty, exuding drama and luxury. Although fully saturated stones, they maintain the special sparkle unique to diamonds, far more than other black stones like spinel or onyx.

The accompanying button earrings are expertly crafted in 18K white gold and come with clip-back closures, measuring 0.88 inches (2.22 cm) in length. These earrings feature faceted pear-shaped black diamonds, bezel-set with the thinnest outlines that distinguish the principal stone from its captivating pear-shaped halo. The halo is adorned with round brilliant-cut black diamonds, securely set with prongs. The total gross weight of the earrings is 11.7 grams. The classic pear shape is juxtaposed with a black diamond's modern and bold look. In contrast, the upward-facing points of the haloed pear shapes resemble black flames dancing in the light, akin to halos or mandorlas on Buddhist statues, symbolizing the purification of the mind. These unique earrings invite bold associations in the observer's mind.

The necklace spans approximately 17.75 inches (45 cm) in length, consisting of 61 graduated black diamond beads with a cumulative weight of 270 carats, ranging in size from about 11.15 to 7.00 mm. The necklace has a total weight of 53.2 grams. The earrings are approximately 0.875 inches (2.22 cm) long and feature a clip-on style. They display two drop-shaped faceted black diamonds encircled by circular-cut black diamond surrounds, with a gross weight of 11.7 grams. Both pieces are from the 2010s and exude unmatched splendor and allure.

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