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Pair of Luxurious Ruby Bead and Diamond Rondelle Bangles

Pair of Luxurious Ruby Bead and Diamond Rondelle Bangles

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Embrace the rich history and fiery allure of rubies with our Contemporary Ruby Bead Diamond Rondelle Bangle Bracelets, an ode to the gemstone's timeless symbolism and captivating beauty. Prized for their intense red color, rubies have been cherished for centuries as symbols of passion, love, power, and life itself.

This exquisite pair of bangle bracelets showcases the unique splendor of rubies, with a combined estimated total weight of 245.00 carats. These rubies have been expertly shaped and polished into lustrous beads, accentuating their warm red glow. Alternating with the ruby beads are round brilliant-cut diamond rondelles, boasting an estimated total weight of 11.08 carats. These radiant gems are set in platinum and elegantly finished with domed buttons.

The flexibility of these bracelets enhances comfort, while their inner circumference measures approximately 6.30 inches (16 cm). Each bracelet is adorned with a serial number, which will be provided to potential buyers. The plump, smooth surface of each ruby bead highlights their various luminescent qualities and rich coloration. For rubies, the intensity of their color makes them so valuable. The bead shape also minimizes the risk of fractures during cutting and polishing.

The first bangle features approximately 114.00 carats of rubies and 5.44 carats of diamonds, while the second bangle boasts about 131.00 carats of rubies and 5.64 carats of diamonds. The rubies exhibit surface-reaching inclusions, nicks, and chips typical of wear but remain in good condition.

Each bangle's inner circumference measures approximately 6.30 inches (160mm). Ruby weighs around 114 carats, while the diamonds total about 5.44 in the first bracelet. The second bangle features a ruby weight of approximately 131 carats and diamonds, totaling about 5.64 carats. With a total gross weight of roughly 80 grams, these bracelets are exquisite examples of modern craftsmanship created in platinum in the 21st century.

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