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Mid-Century-Style Vintage Ruby Gold Cufflinks

Mid-Century-Style Vintage Ruby Gold Cufflinks

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These stunning ruby-centered cufflinks pack a lot of design into a small space. Paying homage to mid-century textured gold, this pair of Vintage Ruby Gold Cufflinks, made in the 21st century, features a tactilely pleasing and dynamic fluted gold surface. During the affluent 1950s post-war, motifs prevalent in the 1940s were being rendered in the new, more textural style. Forms became more graphic, influenced by Abstraction in art. The round-cut faceted rubies add a bit of sparkle to this optical pair crafted in 14K yellow gold, but the goldwork is the show's star. The round coins are decorated with an exciting starburst-turned pattern similar to what is underneath guilloche enamel. Guilloche, or guilloché in French, is a decorative technique dating back to the 1770s. An exact and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved, often into an underlying material using a machine of the same name.

Measuring 0.72 inches in diameter by 1.05 inches in length (1.83 x 2.67 cm) with a total weight of 9.85 grams, this perfectly symmetrical pair employs a minimalist yet luxury bullet-back closure. Simple in design yet striking in appearance, bullet-back cufflinks feature a cylinder set between a pair of bars, which can be turned to secure the link in place.

Tie clips and collar bars come and go with the era's fashions, but cufflinks are a timeless accessory, perfect for adding pizazz and personality to the modern gentleman’s ensemble. Surprisingly, cufflinks have a long history, dating back to the 1600s, but it was not until much later that they were widely adopted. Initially, cuffs on shirts were closed by ribbons or buttons, but in the mid-1800s, the upper classes began to set the trend for more elaborate, decorative fastenings, and the modern-day cufflink was born. A modern, bold pair such as these makes the ultimate statement about the man who chooses to don them. These exciting accents will be just the touch for anyone who can sport a Madison Ave swagger.

Overall weight approx. 14.35 grams, made in 14k yellow gold; circa 21st Century.

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14K Yellow Gold

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