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LaCloche Art Deco Vintage Diamond Emerald Ruby Brooch

LaCloche Art Deco Vintage Diamond Emerald Ruby Brooch

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This spectacular floral display cascading from a large standing urn gives a grand appearance as if could fill the luxurious lobby at the Ritz Paris on Place Vendôme. In fact, the delicate single pinstem brooch is just a bit longer than the width of two fingers, but the majestic sparkle extends far beyond its borders. The Signed and numbered LaCloche Art Deco Vintage Diamond Emerald Ruby Brooch is made in Paris in the 20th century, circa 1920s to 1930s, and features 33 square and baguette diamonds and 170 round diamonds in a platinum mounting. The particular cuts and the way the diamonds are arranged make this piece resplendent. The addition of vibrantly colored jewels is minimalist, yet the effect is likewise multiplied. Seven cabochon emeralds and seven cabochon rubies of varying sizes are individually bezel-set and well-placed, sometimes as floral centers, sometimes in clusters, sometimes mirrored by bezel-set white diamonds occasionally dotting the borders of this luxurious composition.

The brooch is of a giardinetto design which for centuries has been the quintessential expression of personal style as no two are the same. Few jewels combine elegance and splendid sparkle like these “little gardens”. A giardinetto (Italian) is an ornament in the form of a vase of flowers or a flower basket, especially suited for brooches such as this, but they sometimes take the form of rings or pendants. Typically, the colorful pieces showcase a multicolored array of gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires which are often calibrated, or cut to standard sizes which can easily fit into existing standard-sized jewelry settings without customizing the mountings.

The giardinetto design initially enjoyed popularity around 1740 to 1780 when these colorful floral gemstone depictions were love tokens exchanged with lovers and friends. The 1920s saw a revival of the lovely form, which is around the time when this piece was made. This exquisite example features multiple overlapping blooms depicted lyrically with petals ranging from four to six, sometimes individually or entirely outlined in platinum. There is no particular formula or geometric rhythm to the composition, differing from American Art Deco pieces which tended be more sleek and stark with an industrial look reflective of the Machine Age.

French Art Deco could be ornamental, graceful, at times lavish, composed with curvilinear shapes like those that describe the cascading and abundant offering of flowers here. The urn or vase is equally magnificent with round diamonds creating a look of curved volumes in contrast to bands of square- and baguette-cut diamonds, conveying luxurious ornament. The baguette cut rose to prominence during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s, when its streamlined, geometric shape harkened to the architectural aesthetic of the day. The skill of LaCloche, a formidable French house of fine jewels, in finding the balance between materials and colors, between softness and scintillation, makes this a superlative piece and a beautiful celebration of love.

Measures approx. 1.5" in length by 1". Includes 7 cabochon emeralds, 7 cabochon rubies, 33 square and baquette diamonds & 170 round diamonds. Overall weight approx. 11.39 grams, made in platinum. Signed LaCloche, made in Paris; circa 20th Century.

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