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Spectra Fine Jewelry Pear Diamond Classic Drop Earrings

Spectra Fine Jewelry Pear Diamond Classic Drop Earrings

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Using mere words to describe diamonds so extraordinary and exceptional should be exchanged for an expression of something boundless, bordering on the Divine. It is appropriate that the lyrical configuration of the pear shapes projects the idea of Infinity as our eyes endlessly trace the fluid outlines of the two figure-eights. These Spectra Fine Jewelry Pear Diamond Classic Drop Earrings, made in the 21st century, are a rare glimpse at diamond perfection on the level of Crown Jewels. All four diamonds are the same type as the most famous Koh-i-Noor, which is considered priceless. The earrings are crafted in platinum and feature two magnificently sized pear-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds dangling from a pair of smaller pear-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds, each held with five talon-shaped prongs and with an estimated total weight of 56.33 carats. The diamonds are accompanied by four reports from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating their superlative credentials as follows (with all carat weights approximate): 4.46ct of D color and IF clarity, 4.96ct of D color and IF clarity, 22.72ct of D color and VVS1 clarity, and 24.19ct of D color and VS2 clarity. The drop earrings are designed for pierced ears and outfitted with posts and hinged omega backs.

Serious diamond connoisseurs consider a diamond’s 4Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—essential information when determining which diamonds meet their preferences and standards. When cut to perfection like these stones, the sparkle from a brilliant pear is indescribable. With the superb light return and an electric display of fire and brilliance, they must be experienced in person. When combined with a D-color, which is the ultimate in colorless perfection on the D-Z color grading scale, the pear brilliants dazzle even brighter. While VVS1 and VS2 clarity grades are excellent quality, completely eye-clean, and only have tiny inclusions when examined under 10x magnification, IF clarity, or internally flawless, is exceptional, especially combined with the wonderfully impactful carat weights in this dramatic pair of sparkling drops.

In addition to the 4Cs, some buyers might also want to know about the diamond type. According to the findings of the GIA laboratory, all four diamonds have been determined to be Type IIa, like the Koh-i-Noor, which is said to be the most chemically pure type of diamond, distinguished based on its chemical properties, and contain little if any nitrogen which can replace carbon atoms in a diamond’s structure. Type IIA diamonds comprise less than 2 percent of all gem diamonds, often have exceptional optical transparency, and are colorless like these D color stones. Earth-grown Type IIa diamonds are precious because they are so rare. They are well known for their beauty and their large carat weights. Diamonds are separated into five types: Type Ia, Type Ib, Type 1aB, Type IIa, and Type IIb. The impurities measured are at the atomic level within the crystal lattice of carbon atoms, and so, unlike inclusions, require an infrared spectrometer to detect.

Two top pear-shaped diamonds: 4.46 carats, D color, IF clarity and 4.96 carats, D color, IF clarity; both accompanied with GIA certificates. 2 teardrop pear-shaped diamonds: 22.72 carats, D color, VVS1 clarity and 24.19 carats, D color, VS2 clarity; both accompanied with GIA certificates. Overall weight approx. 23.97 grams, made in platinum. Circa 21st Century.

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