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Harry Winston Jacques Timey Vintage Ruby Diamond Articulated Bracelet

Harry Winston Jacques Timey Vintage Ruby Diamond Articulated Bracelet

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This remarkable Harry Winston Jacques Timey Vintage Ruby Diamond Articulated Bracelet, created in the 20th Century, showcases the jewelry precision and elegance that is characteristic of the renowned American luxury jewelry house. Harry Winston, known for starting each piece with exceptional diamonds or colored gemstones, has masterfully brought together pink-red rubies and contrasting bright, white diamonds in perfect visual harmony. The platinum bracelet, crafted with geometric precision reminiscent of the Art Deco era, features a jazzy 6-row checkerboard design that sparkles with opulence. The flexible bracelet interlinks each gem, creating a ribbon-like effect. It bears the signature of Winston Jacques Timey and is stamped with the mark for platinum.

This dazzling piece is approximately 6 inches long by 1.1 inches wide and showcases 100 faceted oval rubies, each carefully chosen with minute measurement variations. The rubies, accompanied by a report from C. Dunaigre, are identified as heated rubies of Burmese origin. Burmese rubies are highly regarded for their exquisite beauty, magnificent hues, and exceptional clarity. Corundum, the mineral family to which rubies belong, obtains its specific color from trace elements present during its formation over thousands of years.

The pink-red color of a ruby is primarily caused by the presence of chromium in the crystal structure of the gemstone. Chromium is a trace element that replaces some aluminum atoms in the corundum mineral. When light enters the ruby, the presence of chromium causes selective absorption of specific wavelengths, particularly in the blue and yellow-green regions of the spectrum. This absorption transmits predominantly red and pink hues, giving the ruby its characteristic color. The intensity and shade of the pink-red color can vary depending on chromium concentration and other factors, such as lighting conditions and any secondary colors or undertones.

The white baguette diamonds, weighing approximately 9.00-10.00 carats, are set in gleaming platinum bar settings that beautifully contrast the rubies, emphasizing their striking pink-red color while amplifying the piece's brilliance. Baguette diamonds, with their distinct linear facets and nested rectangles, gained popularity during the 1920s and became synonymous with the symmetrical angular style of the Art Deco movement. The repetition of the baguettes across the bracelet creates a stunning visual effect, evoking a sense of luxurious grandeur reminiscent of extravagant Gatsby parties. This bracelet is a testament to Harry Winston and Jacques Timey's rich collaborative history and represents a superb example of their luxury in style.

Measures approx. 6" in length by 1.1" in width. Burmese oval heated rubies weighing approx. 50.00 to 52.00 carats total, accompanied by C.D. Certification. Baguette-cut white diamond weight approx. 7.00 to 9.00 carats total; estimated F-G colors, VS clarity. Overall weight approx. 101.10 grams; stamped Pt950 for platinum. Signed Winston, maker's mark for Jacques Timey; 1980s.

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