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Georges L'Enfant Vintage Mid-Century Burmese Ruby Bracelet

Georges L'Enfant Vintage Mid-Century Burmese Ruby Bracelet

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The timeless allure of the Georges L'Enfant Vintage Mid-Century Burmese Ruby Bracelet is a masterpiece of elegance and simplicity. Crafted in France during the mid-20th century, circa the 1950s, this bracelet celebrates the natural beauty of 6 oval cabochon rubies set in platinum. Each Burmese ruby is certified by Gemlab GemTechLab (GGTL) as a natural corundum, originating from Burma (Myanmar), and notably, they show no signs of thermal treatment.

Burmese rubies are renowned for their exceptional quality, often considered among the finest globally. The exquisite red color of these rubies is attributed to chromium, a trace element in the corundum mineral's crystal structure. The presence of more chromium intensifies the ruby's red hue, making Burmese rubies highly sought after.

The bracelet's design showcases Georges L'Enfant's masterful craftsmanship. The rubies are elegantly set with geometric double prongs, creating a striking contrast to the elongated oval links of the platinum chain. These double-pronged settings add a touch of sophistication to the minimalist composition. Georges L'Enfant, a skilled goldsmith and designer, was renowned for his intricate chain designs, which earned him acclaim from esteemed Parisian houses, including Cartier.

Measuring approximately 7.5 inches in length and weighing around 19.5 grams, this bracelet is a testament to the enduring appeal of Georges L'Enfant's artistry. It's a striking representation of mid-century French jewelry craftsmanship, emphasizing the intrinsic beauty of these unheated Burmese rubies, which continue to captivate and inspire. Signed by Georges L'Enfant, this bracelet stands as a testament to timeless luxury.

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