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Five Row Round Diamond and 18kt White Gold Bracelet

Five Row Round Diamond and 18kt White Gold Bracelet

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Diamonds' captivating nature, brilliance, scintillation, and fire have secured the gem's enduring place in history. They are a fantastic miracle of spirit made up of billions of carbon atoms with a unique cubic crystal lattice structure. Also known for being the hardest known natural substance, the only other mineral that can scratch a diamond's surface is another diamond. A jeweler that can express fluidity and sensuality using sparkling diamonds and gleaming metal is a master of their craft. Spectra Fine Jewelry has fluency with diamonds and gold in a way that can express lightness, liveliness, and even grace. This Spectra Fine Jewelry 5-Row Diamond Bracelet, made in the 21st century, circa 2020s, is crafted in 18K white gold and features five rows of round brilliant-cut diamonds with an impressive estimated total weight of 40.37 carats. Under the spell of the beautiful sparkle of this bracelet, it is not difficult to understand why this alluring gemstone has been coveted for centuries.

With the flexibility of a ribbon, the articulated bracelet bends and undulates, utterly supple in your hand as you examine its refined form. With so many diamonds—approximately 220—of all the same size, shape, and cut, the collective radiance is mesmerizing. The wide sparkling piece on the wrist makes an elegant statement, like the opulent articulated diamond bracelets of the Art Deco period, but so much more minimalist and modern. The round diamond shape is repeated approximately 44 times across five rows in its gleaming bezel setting. The staggering of the rows, with each circle fitting sensually into the negative space of the next, softens the repetition. It is not Machine Age meticulousness, but snakelike in movement and highly fluid.

The piece's construction as a sculptural object is just as pleasing. There is so much attention to detail, as evidenced by the seamless way the work closes. No single stone is cut in half or interrupted by a bar. Instead, the rocks are staggered at the edges and obscure the push-closure so that they can fit together like uninterrupted puzzle pieces. From the reverse, the bracelet is equally graphic and optical, with the deep metal circular bezels linked in all directions for utter flexibility. The settings are entirely open to the back to allow light in behind each stone, thereby amplifying the glorious brilliance of each stone. Diamonds genuinely come alive in the morning. When light penetrates a diamond, it reflects off its facets, and each facet reflects light onto the other. This results in a chorus of sparkle that is resplendent.

Round brilliant diamonds weighing approx. 40.37 carats; 18k white gold Overall weight approx. 42.76 grams, made in 18k white gold. Circa 2020s.

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18K White Gold

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