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Exquisite 9.01ct Fancy Blue VVS2 Diamond Ring by Spectra Fine Jewelry: A Rare Masterpiece of Elegance and Sophistication

Exquisite 9.01ct Fancy Blue VVS2 Diamond Ring by Spectra Fine Jewelry: A Rare Masterpiece of Elegance and Sophistication

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Elegantly captivating, this extraordinary masterpiece by Spectra Fine Jewelry features a radiant 9.01 carat Cut-Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant diamond, radiating a coveted hue of Fancy Blue and boasting impeccable VVS2 clarity, as authenticated by the esteemed GIA (Gemological Institute of America) under certificate number 2165980546.

A true embodiment of rarity and refinement, this remarkable gem belongs to the exclusive Type Ilb classification, with only a minute fraction of diamonds possessing the captivating trace of boron, which lends its enchanting blue or gray tones. Its allure is further enhanced by its exceptional property of being a semiconductor, a fascinating quality exhibited by only the most extraordinary diamonds. The historical heritage of occasional blue diamonds from ancient Indian mines now finds its modern counterpart in the legendary Cullinan (formerly Premier) Mine in South Africa, the premier source of these captivating wonders.

Gracefully encased in a band of 18k rose gold by Spectra Fine Jewelry, weighing an opulent 9.50 grams, the captivating contrast of the rose gold against the Fancy Blue diamond creates a harmonious symphony of elegance and sophistication.

An heirloom of timeless beauty and profound significance by Spectra Fine Jewelry, this ring transcends mere adornment, capturing the essence of artistry and love. A symbol of everlasting devotion, this 9.01ct Fancy Blue VVS2 Diamond Ring epitomizes elegance in its purest form. It is destined to grace the hands of the discerning and cherished as a treasure for future generations.

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