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Diamond Emerald Parrot Cocktail Ring

Diamond Emerald Parrot Cocktail Ring

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In a figural composition, that true essence resonates even as details become stylized. Every detail happens to be skillfully and beautifully rendered in this dazzling Contemporary Diamond Emerald Figural Parrot Cocktail Ring, made in the 21st century. The ring is crafted in 18K white gold and features a charming depiction of a parrot in a convincing pose, perched directly on the wearer’s finger. This piece of jewelry is even more enthralling as it transforms sculpturally into the thing on to itself. The bird almost entirely takes over the form of ring, and we are in his control as he wraps around our finger. The ring is US Size 6, and the overall weight is an estimated 17.84 grams.

The elegant ring is sculpted with five rows of streamlined, Art Deco-style fluting on the highly polished band which transitions to five rows of emerald beads. The beautiful green indicates, albeit abstractly, the vibrantly colored back plumage of our fine feathered friend. The overlapping chest feathers adorn the opposite side of the ring and are expertly defined by white gold outlines embellished with round brilliant-cut pavé diamonds. The sculptural centerpiece is the parrot’s head, decorated with sumptuous and dramatic plumage. His head is slightly turned towards us and somewhat introspective at a downward angle. It is remarkable how much personality we can assign to this bird based on his pose and gaze. He has been keenly observed and sensitively crafted by the skilled maker. Our bird’s expressive eyes are two round faceted sparkling emeralds. Simply enchanting. His wide parrot beak is sculpted onyx, which has been polished with such a luster, we cannot take our eyes off it.

Although this is a contemporary piece, the sophisticated style and dazzling color palette will likely appeal to Art Deco-style jewelry enthusiasts. Onyx was effectively used in Art Deco jewelry to create that high contrast sleek and bold look. Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, a silicate mineral, the most valuable and rare is black onyx with parallel bands of color. Because black onyx ranks at a 6 or 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it can be carved and polished to bring out its silky and lustrous shine. The smooth emerald beads have been carved and polished with an equally eye-catching luster and when they catch the light, we are delighted.

Size 52 (approx. size 6 in US), can be resized. Overall weight approx. 17.84 grams, made in 18k white gold; circa 21st Century.

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18K White Gold

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