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De Grisogono Black Diamond Swallow Bird Demi Parure Suite

De Grisogono Black Diamond Swallow Bird Demi Parure Suite

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The black diamond is the signature stone of Geneva-based De Grisogono, founded in 1993, which is used abundantly in their Black Diamond Bird Demi Parure Suite, made in the 21st Century. Natural-color black diamonds typically are entirely opaque, with a high luster that gives the stones their unusual allure. They have an exceptional nature and unmistakably bold and powerful look. When used to adorn these charming creatures, the effect of the unique gemstones is softened and warm, compared to the stark opulence of the jewelry house's other pieces.

The figural Demi Parure Suite, made in Switzerland, comprises three pieces–matching button earrings, a pendant charm shaped like a hedgehog, and a splendid swallow brooch with wings outstretched. The earrings and pendant are set with black diamonds in rhodium black gold on top of silver. The charming button earrings, designed for pierced ears fitted with posts, show the adorable little feet of the hedgehogs. In contrast, the stylized pendant charm focuses on the pleasingly almond-shaped body. The hedgehog is a short and stout little mammal, sometimes called a pincushion with legs. Their legs are usually concealed under their spines; however, hedgehogs have surprisingly long legs, nearly 4 inches or 10cm long, half to one-third the length of their bodies. Their legs are only visible when running. Hedgehogs make cute but challenging pets. They are nocturnal, athletic, and solitary, so it is probably best to forgo their habitat's recreation and don the pretty jewels instead.

The most significant piece of the suite is the single pinstem swallow brooch, set with a mix of black and white diamonds, similarly in rhodium black gold on top of silver. Just a sprinkling of white diamonds applied asymmetrically just behind the wings accent the back of the bird. The rest mainly comprises a curved, stylized X shape in black diamonds, creating a bifurcated tail. From the side view, the swallow looks more like a plane than a bird, built to last. Its almond-shaped eyes are jeweled cabochons that seem to mean business. The pieces' reverse side demonstrate the house's fine artisanship with azuring in the metal behind the gemstones. Azuring is a technique that adds hours to the fabrication, where shaped cutouts are hand-carved behind each stone. The beautiful white gold openwork structure lets light in behind the stones, adding brilliance and amplifying the sparkle.

It measures approx. 2" (50.8mm) in length and 1.75" (44.45mm) in width. Overall weight approx. 25.55 grams, made in 18k white gold and silver. Made in Switzerland and Signed by De Grisogono circa the 21st Century.

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