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Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring by Spectra Fine Jewelry

Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring by Spectra Fine Jewelry

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This design will appeal to the minimalist who likes to maximize sparkle and drama. With a straightforward and stark design and all diamonds working in harmony, what is not to love? Made in the 21st century, 2020, by Spectra Fine Jewelry, the Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring is crafted in 18K white gold. It features a stunning cushion-cut colored diamond weighing an estimated 12.52 carats. The diamond is not certified and estimated as Q-R color and VS1 clarity. At this magnificent size, the subtle colors of a colored diamond like this are genuinely enthralling. The diamond is accented with a cushion-shaped halo of white pavé diamonds, which continue the whole way around the band. The is something about the uniformly sized, sparkling pavé rounds pulsing around the halo and band as if marking time and space. The repetition in this minimalist composition becomes transcendent and poetic—symbolic of a long life filled with love, there will be repetition, but that recurrence is reaffirming and reassuring.

Diamonds with an N, O, P, Q, or R color grade are called “very light” and feature a visible yellow or brownish tint. 98% of gem-quality diamonds contain some yellow according to the trace amounts of nitrogen in their crystal structure. As they are less rare than colorless or near colorless diamonds, and thus more affordable, you can go much more significant in carat size and still possess the beautiful qualities of a diamond, as diamonds of any carat size hold value. The pale color and soft, mellow look of a faintly yellow diamond has pleasant associations, such as flickering romantic candlelight. Here the jeweler has set the stone against a halo of white diamonds for contrast. Not only do the white diamonds dance with a dazzling light show, but they also serve to accentuate the delicate color of the center stone.

The cushion-cut diamond has a flash of high brilliance and fire, reflecting white and colored light well. The rounded edges of the cut ensure a very durable gemstone. Similar to the emerald cut, its open table allows a clear view of imperfections in the stone. The excellent clarity grade of this example shows the true beauty, highlighting the lightness and delicacy of calming patterns in an infinity pool. Cushion-cut diamonds are the perfect combination of the old world and the new. The modern-day cushion cut owes its faceting design to an antique diamond cut known as the old mine cut, which dates back to the 1700s. The amount became so popular that most stones in the nineteenth century were cut in this shape. The cut was so universally loved that many of the world’s most famous diamonds are an early version of the cushion cut, including the Hope Diamond, weighing 45.52 carats, and the Regent Diamond, weighing 140.5 carats. Such a delicately colored diamond as the properties of this share with colorless diamonds, like remarkable hardness—ranking a ten on the Mohs scale—and exceptional fire, but with compelling variation in color that is constantly exciting and surprising like love itself. Combined with the reassuring repetition of the sparkling halo, this ring is a charming symbol of true love.

Size US 5, can be resized albeit with limitations. The center cushion cut diamond weight approx. 12.52 carats, estimated Q-R color, VS1 clarity. Overall weight approx. 6.87 grams, made in 18k white gold; circa 2020.

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