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Contemporary Zambian Emerald Diamond Drop Earrings

Contemporary Zambian Emerald Diamond Drop Earrings

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There are only four precious stones: diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Precious stones are distinguished by their quality, their rarity, and the beauty of their colors. All other stones are therefore considered semi-precious. These Contemporary Zambian Emerald Diamond Drop Earrings are made in the 21st Century and feature a pair of exquisite pear-shape green emeralds with an estimated weight of 10.00 carats total. Each stone is set in platinum, held simply with five talon prongs to insure maximum light exposure and sparkle. The emeralds, estimated to be of Zambian origin, are accented with mesmerizing square emerald-cut white diamonds with an estimated weight of 1.00 carat total which hover just above, likewise held simply with four platinum talon prongs. A brilliant sparkle continues up the earring wires with round brilliant-cut diamonds in pavé settings. The elegantly styled drops measure 1.5 inches long (17.15 cm) and are designed for pierced ears. The gross weight of the pair is approximately 6.23 grams.

Zambian emeralds are known to be extremely high quality. Today, the African continent is second only to South America in production, with mines in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and Nigeria. Each of these locales typically produces a certain color, size, and clarity. The “vivid green” of this example from Zambia is a prized color when it comes to value. Matching colored stones such as these can be exceedingly difficult to achieve with the way their color varies. Despite being only one color, the green hues can vary depending on location of the mine as well as trace amounts of chromium or vanadium that colors the stones. The way the greens come together in this minimalist and streamlined design makes the stark beauty of these stones all the more resplendent.

While this emerald pair is all about the pear shape which is quite strong at showcasing emerald size and color, the square emerald-cut diamonds are the unmistakable secondary stars. Juxtaposed against the rich green, the white diamonds are as sleek and gleaming as their platinum settings. The cut has a pleasing symmetry with parallel step cuts and long linear facets that return large flashes of light, in contrast to the rapid scintillation of the round brilliant-cuts in the earring wires. The mesmerizing geometry of the emerald cut is the embodiment of the Art Deco era. Like the rectangular emerald cut, this square version, created in 1902, has cut corners which creates an enchanting balance of scintillation, and a radiating X shape that appears superimposed over the concentric squares. When you are wearing these stunning earrings, your admirers will be enthralled.

Each earring measures approx. 1.5” in length. 2 pear-shaped Zambian emeralds weighing approx. 10.00 carats. 2 Ascher-cut diamonds weighing approx. 1.00 carats total. Overall weight approx. 6.23 grams, made in platinum. Circa 21st Century.

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