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Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphires in a Spectacular Diamond Bracelet by Spectra Fine Jewelry

Royal Blue Ceylon Sapphires in a Spectacular Diamond Bracelet by Spectra Fine Jewelry

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Mined in the storied lands of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, vivid blue sapphires have been a treasure for millennia. When Marco Polo set foot on this jewel-rich island in 1292, he was greeted by established mines that had produced these gemstones for generations. Often referred to as the "jewel box" of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka stands as the world's most prolific source of sapphires, yielding some of the planet's most renowned examples, including the legendary Star of India (563 carats) and the illustrious Logan Sapphire (423 carats).

In this striking creation by Spectra Fine Jewelry, a Contemporary Sapphire Diamond Halo Riviere Bracelet, made in the 21st century, around 2018, takes center stage. Crafted in lustrous platinum, it showcases seven magnificent cushion-cut Ceylon sapphires, boasting a combined weight of approximately 54.36 carats. These extraordinary gemstones epitomize the vivid blue hue that Sri Lanka is celebrated for, with five of them supported by reports from C. Dunaigre in 2014, confirming their natural origin and subtle indications of heating.

The bracelet is nothing less than a "river of jewels," measuring 7.5 inches (19.05 cm) in length. The Royal blue sapphires are meticulously arranged in a graduating size pattern, ranging from approximately 5.12 carats to 10.68 carats at the apex, a signature feature of the Riviere style. Surrounding each sapphire is an impressive array of diamonds, collectively weighing approximately 24.70 carats. Displaying F-G-H colors and VS clarity, these diamonds enhance the sapphires' vibrancy and create an enticing interplay of geometric shapes. Each cushion-cut sapphire is embraced by cushion-shaped diamond halos, formed by brilliant-cut rounds and accented with two pear-shaped diamonds, both oriented side out at the top and bottom. These exquisite halo formations exude a regal allure, rivaling the magnificent private collections found in the House of Windsor.

The distinct pointed details at the top and bottom are mirrored in seven elongated diamond motifs that alternate between the haloed stones. Each of these glistening diamond patterns consists of two round brilliant cuts in the center, flanked by a pear-shaped diamond above and below, both pointed outwards. All the pears along the bracelet's length are set within cluster settings, and the prongs holding them further emphasize the elegant, pointed design. The ensemble comprises 98 round diamonds with an estimated total weight of 16.56 carats and 28 pear-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 8.14 carats. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

This captivating piece measures around 7.5 inches in length and is adorned with seven cushion-cut Sri Lankan sapphires, certified by C. Dunaigre and boasting a total weight of 54.36 carats. A striking combination of 98 round diamonds weighing 16.56 carats and 28 pear-shaped diamonds with an estimated weight of 8.14 carats amplifies the bracelet's allure. Elegantly set in platinum, the bracelet carries an overall weight of approximately 51.51 grams. This contemporary marvel, created in the 21st century, is a testament to the eternal beauty of sapphires and diamonds, blending classic style with modern craftsmanship.

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