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Contemporary Pink Sapphire Halo Cocktail Engagement Ring 32.32ct

Contemporary Pink Sapphire Halo Cocktail Engagement Ring 32.32ct

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Indulge in the epitome of glamour with our Pink Elegance Cocktail Ring—a dazzling statement of sophistication and playfulness. At the heart of this enchanting piece is a resplendent 32.32-carat oval pink sapphire, a radiant gem that captures the essence of femininity and grace. Certified by the esteemed American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), this precious gem hails from the illustrious mines of Ceylon, a testament to its storied origins. The subtle touch of low-temperature heat treatment enhances the stone's natural beauty, ensuring a delicate balance between tradition and contemporary allure.

Embracing the pink luminary are white diamonds, totaling 2.93 carats, like celestial companions adorning the night sky. Each diamond, meticulously set in 18k white gold, adds a celestial sparkle to the ensemble, creating a symphony of light and color that dances with every movement. The result is a harmonious marriage of grace and opulence.

Fashioned in 18k white gold with a gross weight of 16.36 grams, this cocktail ring is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that marries timeless elegance with modern allure. The setting not only cradles the gemstones with utmost delicacy but also complements the wearer's hand with its refined aesthetic.

With a size 6.5, this ring is a testament to both artistry and wearability. However, should the stars decree a different size, our skilled artisans stand ready to customize this enchanting piece to your precise specifications.

Adorn yourself with the Pink Elegance Cocktail Ring, and let every glance cast upon your hand be a journey into the realm of unparalleled beauty. With its majestic pink sapphire, celestial diamonds, and exquisite white gold setting, this ring is not just jewelry; it's a celebration of the extraordinary, an ode to sophistication, and an invitation to revel in the grandeur of exceptional craftsmanship.

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18K White Gold

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