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Contemporary Oval Sapphire Diamond Pave Bombe Bangle Bracelet

Contemporary Oval Sapphire Diamond Pave Bombe Bangle Bracelet

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This Contemporary Oval Sapphire Diamond Pavé Bombe Bangle Bracelet, made in the 21st century, is a classic hinge bangle in the bombé style. The domed shape is pleasingly rounded yet narrow. The curved surface allows the natural beauty of the diamonds to sparkle in a symphony of brilliance, scintillation, and fire. Crafted in 18K white gold, the top portion of the bangle is embellished with four rows of white diamond pavé with an estimated weight of 2.40 carats total, ending in simple unadorned curves on either side. These gems provide a sparkling ground for a single lustrous blue sapphire cabochon with an estimated weight of 1.49 carats. The bottom half is fashioned in a similar hollowed crescent form without embellishment in smooth polished white gold. The bangle is hinged with a push clasp and is US Size 6 on the opposite side. The weight of gold is approximately 18.74 grams.

The oval cabochon sapphire is held with four prongs directly on the pavé ground, the brilliance of the diamonds effervescently sparkling up through the blue stone. With a flat base and a domed profile, the cabochon lends itself well to this unusual and striking configuration. The cabochon cut is the oldest gemstone cut. Color purists and connoisseurs of pre-15th century gemstones will love a fine cabochon specimen, as it was not until the 15th century that faceting gemstones were even possible. These stones do not give flashes and dances of light reflection. There is no sparkle as with a faceted cut. A cabochon is for the pure enjoyment of color, and the finest examples display an even color distribution, such as this vibrant example.

Blue sapphire is said to bring luck, loyalty, happiness, and love. The blue of sapphire is caused by adding titanium and iron to the mineral corundum. Sapphire is desirable for hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. It is one of the two gem varieties of corundum, the other being ruby, which is stable under normal wearing conditions. It is resistant to heat, light, and common chemicals making the stone utterly suitable for wear every day.

Inner circumference approx. 6". Round Diamond weight approx. 2.40 carats total. Sapphire weight approx. 1.49 carats total. Overall weight approx. 18.74 grams, made in 18k white gold. Circa 21st Century.

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18K White Gold

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