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Contemporary Mixed Step Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Contemporary Mixed Step Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

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One of the more magical qualities of jewelry design is artfully rendered illusion. These Contemporary Mixed Step Cut Diamond Stud Earrings, made in the 21st century, give the illusion of two quite colossal emerald-cut diamonds, but they are instead comprised of a series of beautifully curated stones that are set seamlessly together. The sleek and symmetrical pair is crafted in 18K white gold and comprised of 18 mixed-shape step-cut diamonds—9 per earring—with an estimated weight of 6.17 carats total. The rectangular studs which measure 0.58 inches (14.80 mm) in length are designed for pierced ears, outfitted with posts and locking backs. The gross weight of gold is an estimated 8.15 grams.

An actual emerald-cut diamond is comprised of parallel and perpendicular step cuts with long linear facets that return large flashes of light. At first glance, the diamonds appear to be individual cut-cornered rectangular emerald cuts oriented vertically. The stones glimmer with that characteristic mesmerizing geometry and hall-of-mirrors effect, held simply with 8 talon prongs per earring. Upon closer inspection, it would take an expert eye to realize these are trompe l’oeil settings, as the individual diamond colors match so beautifully, and the progression of patterns is quite convincing . In fact, the skill level required to set all these stones and create such a cohesive illusion is to be admired. The diamond “puzzle pieces” are laid out using an experienced diamond cutting planner and cut by a highly skilled diamond master cutter, so that the resulting seemingly large diamond is quite seamless. Composing each earring is a single octagonal step-cut diamond in the center, surrounded by 4 trapezoidal step cuts at the corners which create nested squares, and two long and two short trapezoidal step cuts at the sides which create an effervescent sparkle at their edges.

The trompe l’oeil convention was popularly used in Art Deco jewelry of the 1920s and 1930s and was an effective optical illusion used to make diamonds look larger or make rounds look square, but the artful illusion was in the bezel setting, not in the cutting of the stones. The expert-level of stone setting in this piece, however, references techniques from the Art Deco period where custom geometric-cut gemstones were tightly set against one another to create a lush, jeweled tapestry comprised of smaller stones. In this unique pair, when the dazzling tour-de-force settings come into focus, we laud the artistry of the diamond composition, rather than simply the diamond itself.

Measures approx. 0.58” in length (14.80 x 14.80mm) for pierced ears. 18 diamonds weighing approx. 6.17 carats total. Overall weight approx. 8.15 grams, made in 18k white gold. Circa 21st Century.

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