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Contemporary Emerald Cut Fancy Diamond Cocktail Engagement Ring 36.46ct

Contemporary Emerald Cut Fancy Diamond Cocktail Engagement Ring 36.46ct

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Solitaires refer to jewelry, particularly rings, that features a single, prominent gemstone as the centerpiece of the design. "solitaire" is derived from the French word "solitaire," meaning solitary or alone. In this gorgeous jewel with a Fancy Brown-Greenish Yellow Diamond, the centerpiece is not alone but somewhat embellished with sapphires and blackened gold throughout the setting.

Fancy Deep Brown-Greenish Yellow Diamonds are a rare and captivating variety of colored diamonds. They belong to the fancy color diamond category, encompassing diamonds that exhibit hues beyond the traditional colorless or near-colorless range. FD Brown-Greenish Yellow Diamonds possess a unique and intriguing color combination, with hints of brown, green, and yellow blending to create a distinctive appearance. The intensity of the color can range from light to profound, with Fancy Deep being one of the higher color grades in this category, which is seen prominently in this ring. These diamonds derive color from various factors, including specific trace elements and structural distortions during the diamond's formation process deep within the earth. Collectors and enthusiasts seek fancy Brown-Greenish Yellow Diamonds due to their rarity, beauty, and individuality. They offer a fascinating alternative to traditional colorless diamonds, adding a touch of warmth and character to any jewelry piece they adorn. The blackened gold mainly contributes to the heat and serves as a great complement to the central gem.

Blackened gold, also known as black gold or black rhodium-plated gold, is a striking variation of traditional gold jewelry. A thin layer of black rhodium is applied to the gold surface through black rhodium plating, creating a dark and dramatic aesthetic. This unique treatment adds a modern and edgy touch to designs, highlighting gemstones and enhancing intricate details. Blackened gold offers visual appeal and practical benefits, providing a protective layer for the gold while making a bold fashion statement. Its allure and individuality make it popular for those seeking distinctive and captivating jewelry. Here the gold is peppered throughout with touches of faceted sapphires, which contribute to the unique quality of this timeless cocktail ring.

Center Emerald-cut diamond weight approx. 36.46 carats, FD Brown-Greenish Yellow Diamond VS2 clarity; accompanied with GIA certificate. Overall weight approx. 21.17 grams, made in blackened gold embellished with sapphires. Circa 21st Century.

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