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Contemporary Briolette Diamond Cluster Fringe Long Drop Earrings

Contemporary Briolette Diamond Cluster Fringe Long Drop Earrings

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The appeal of a briolette-cut diamond is truly unique from an aesthetic point of view, allowing the viewer to admire a diamond’s beauty from every single angle. The faceted style is said to have originated from the double rose-cut and have evolved to form a drop appearance. The appeal of the briolette diamond is that it carries a unique charm imbued with history, from Napoléon to Louis XIV, yet throughout the ages, it has been one of the most challenging cuts to master. These Contemporary Briolette Diamond Cluster Fringe Long Drop Earrings, made in the 21st century, are crafted in platinum and feature solely briolette diamonds weighing a dazzling estimated total of 71.26 carats.

The briolettes are the focus of the composition in this unique pair. The cuts are gathered in clusters with a surprisingly fluid, almost playful movement - fanned out as flower petals, clustered as rosettes, and refined with prongs. If one considers the earrings as static sculptures, the proportions are unexpected within a fine jewelry design. However, seeing the pieces move in action is captivating as the elongated volumes come to life, delighting with unusual dynamics of movement with sparkle.

The briolette diamond has no table, crown, nor pavilion and as such is not usually set using the same methods as other diamond cuts. No part of the diamond is generally hidden in a collet, bezel, or prong setting; however, this design is conceived of somewhat like an ode to the versatility and loveliness of the distinctive gemstone design. The center of the flower which adorns the stud at the top of the design is composed of a single plump oval briolette set with 4 talon prongs and surrounded in a Victorian-style rosette cluster of 8 smaller briolettes. Here we can study the nuances of diagonal faceting in a new way, as backed with a platinum mounting. Orbiting this arrangement are 8 larger teardrop-shape briolettes, spaced apart and allowed to be fully translucent. These stones are fixed in a setting with minimal metal, open to the back to let as much light in as possible.

The surface of a briolette is covered all around with triangular or diamond-shaped facets which create a three-dimensional delicate shimmer, reflecting light from every possible angle. In the floral studs we see the how the variation in shape—either plump or elongated, oval or teardrop—and distinctively fluid faceting plays with light beautifully. In the dangling portion below, the gemstone is showcased as it is more typically—from wire thread through a fine hole drilled at the top, so it can move freely and catch the light evocatively. So many briolettes are gathered in a rich and plump bunch that tapers elegantly to a single larger stone. The juicy and enticing offering will have all the jewelry enthusiasts in the room mesmerized by these scintillating wearable sculptures.

Measures approx. 3" x 0.50"; designed for pierced ears outfitted with posts and French clips. Diamond weight approx. 71.26 carats total. Stamped Pt950; circa 21st Century.

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