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Contemporary Blue Topaz Citrine Fluted Button Earrings

Contemporary Blue Topaz Citrine Fluted Button Earrings

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These 21st-century earrings, originating around 2019, pay homage to the architectural brilliance of the Art Deco era. Their designs draw inspiration from the soaring skyscrapers of that period, seamlessly blending the beauty of citrine and blue topaz. Crafted in 18K yellow gold, these unique clip-back earrings exhibit perfectly symmetrical silhouettes, each measuring 0.93 x 0.6 inches (15.24 x 23.63 mm). However, what sets them apart is that one earring features a citrine gemstone while the other showcases a mesmerizing blue topaz.

In the past, citrine and topaz were often considered different variations of the same stone, leading to various names like "gold topaz," "Madeira," and "Spanish topaz" for citrine. However, they are distinct mineral species, with citrine belonging to the quartz family and topaz to the silicate mineral family. From an aesthetic perspective, these two gemstones share a similar color value in luminosity, making them harmonious companions. Still, their colors are distinct. The citrine's warm hue complements the surrounding gold, while the blue topaz acts as a complementary color, strikingly contrasting the gold. Each color combination offers an aura of serene sophistication. Citrine is believed to attract prosperity, balance emotions, bring wealth, and clear the mind. At the same time, blue topaz is associated with openness, joy, generosity, abundance, good health, love, and good fortune, with its relaxing properties. Hence, these stones complement each other beautifully.

The earrings' overall silhouette resembles a cleverly designed demi-hoop that tapers gracefully from top to bottom, featuring intricate fluting in gold and gemstones. At the top, the gemstones display five vertical flutes each, framed on three sides by gold and open at the top. Just below, this motif rotates by 90 degrees, presenting four horizontal gold flutes. Further down, it turns back 90 degrees, revealing four vertical gold flutes. The harmonious interplay of parallel and perpendicular lines within this small expanse creates a captivating geometric symmetry. When viewed from the side, the delicate arcs of each demi-hoop seamlessly transition from gold to gemstones, exemplifying meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Each earring measures approximately 0.93 by 0.6 inches and features a convenient clip-on style. Their combined weight is around 15.09 grams, elegantly crafted in 18K yellow gold. These exquisite pieces are from 2019, a testament to the enduring allure of Art Deco-inspired design.

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18K Yellow Gold

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