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Cartier Vintage Diamond Bombe Button Earrings, circa 1970s

Cartier Vintage Diamond Bombe Button Earrings, circa 1970s

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Few things shine as brilliantly as white diamonds set within a warm, radiant gold pave setting, especially when crafted by the world-renowned fine jewelry Maison Cartier. The French word "pave" translates to "paved," a term dating back to the Georgian era due to its resemblance to a cobblestone-paved road. The mesmerizing interplay between the diamonds and the glistening texture of multiple gold prongs is genuinely captivating.

These Cartier Vintage Diamond Bombe Button Earrings, dating back to the 1970s, exemplify symmetrical beauty. Crafted in 18K yellow gold, they are adorned with white diamonds, boasting a combined estimated weight of 7.00 carats. Each earring measures 0.75 inches (19.05 mm) in diameter and features two central diamonds, each approximately 1 carat in weight. These diamonds are skillfully secured with eight prongs, reflecting the abundance of prongs characteristic of the pave setting. Designed for pierced ears, the earrings are equipped with posts and French clips and bear the signature of Cartier. They come complete with their original box, and the serial number can be provided upon request.

The design of these remarkable jewels evokes the image of two rounded Chinese-lidded porcelain urns gracefully presented on intricately carved pedestals. These dome-shaped earrings embrace the bombe style, a term borrowed from the French, meaning "bomb-shaped" and inspired by the French dessert bombe glacée, akin to an ice cream bomb. This style bestows a captivating and elegantly rounded shape with ample surface area for embellishment. The body of the "urn" showcases two sizes of pave diamonds, which artfully outline the urn's contours. Smaller diamonds create a two-row configuration of seven stones on the base and a single row of three on the lid. The base is defined on all sides by raised 18K yellow gold borders, while the lid boasts two parallel semi-circular lines. The crowning glory of each earring is a single diamond placed pavilion-side up, adorning the lid with the V-shaped base of the diamond.

Turning these earrings over reveals the impeccable craftsmanship and stone-setting expertise of the Maison. The metal features azuring, a meticulous technique that involves hand-carving shaped cutouts behind each stone. This allows light to penetrate, enhancing the brilliance and magnifying the overall sparkle.

Each earring measures approximately 0.75 inches (19.05 mm) in diameter, with center diamonds weighing around 1.00 carats each, surrounded by pave-set diamonds. The total diamond weight is about 7.00 carats. Crafted in 18K yellow gold, the earrings weigh approximately 12 grams and come in their original Cartier box. They bear the signature of Cartier along with a unique serial number and date back to the 1970s, showcasing timeless elegance and superior artistry.

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