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Bulgari Diamond and 18kt White Gold Snake Bracelet

Bulgari Diamond and 18kt White Gold Snake Bracelet

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The Bulgari Serpenti has cemented as a legendary icon in Italian fine jewelry. With its origins dating back nearly eighty years, this exquisite creation continues to captivate with its numerous breathtaking renditions. The visionary behind the original Bulgari Serpenti was Sotirio Georgis Bulgari, who established the renowned house in Rome in 1884. Crafted in the 1940s, this mesmerizing piece drew inspiration from the seductive serpent of Greek mythology. It adopted the Tubogas style, characterized by a flexible tubular chain that gracefully coiled around the wrist, evoking the sinewy allure of a snake. It quickly garnered a devoted following, becoming a cult favorite.

The Tubogas technique, originally developed as a corrugated tube for pressurized gas transportation and patented in 1881, found its dazzling and sensational destiny in the hands of jewelers during the 1940s. The supple and sensuous nature of the Tubogas chain, comprising articulated bands with concealed micro-springs, perfectly mirrored the sinuous quality of a serpent. This transformative discovery breathed new life into the design, allowing it to shimmer and captivate. It was during the filming of Cleopatra in Rome in 1963 that Elizabeth Taylor, adorned in one of the earliest gem-set Serpenti pieces, further propelled its popularity. The iconic publicity photo and the buzz surrounding Taylor's affair with Richard Burton catapulted the design into the spotlight.

This remarkable Bulgari Vintage Serpenti White Diamond Coil Bangle Bracelet, created in Italy during the 21st century, faithfully pays homage to the iconic piece Taylor made famous. Evolving from the film's influence, Serpenti designs began incorporating bracelets adorned with larger and more vibrant scales. This bracelet elegantly wraps around the wrist three times, featuring flexible, nested, and articulated rings crafted in 18K yellow gold. The intricate pattern showcases elongated hexagons, while the serpent's scales, head, and tail glisten with white round brilliant-cut diamonds that graduate in size, creating a captivating sense of drama and tension. The creature seems to come alive as it sensually embraces the wrist, exuding an irresistibly alluring aura. Its head, adorned with two pear-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds outlined in gold, turns with a quizzical expression. The piece bears Bvlgari's signature, Italian hallmarks, and a serial number for interested buyers. It weighs an estimated 179.50 grams, showcasing the substantial presence of gold that matches meticulously with the white diamonds – which creates the illusion of one continuous jewel that sparkles from all directions.

As captivating as the scintillating scales, the underbelly of the serpent boasts a level of artistry and craftsmanship that matches the innovation of its mechanism. Continuing the elongated hexagon motif from the front, it features expertly sculpted chevron cutouts in polished yellow gold. Every aspect of its construction showcases meticulous attention to detail, from the carefully hinged segments that eschew traditional soldering to the fully rounded form that radiates from every angle. This masterpiece emanates a sensual and tactile allure akin to the enthralling touch of a serpent against the skin.

3-coil articulated bracelet with white diamonds. Overall weight approx. 179.50 grams, made in 18k white gold. Signed and numbered Bvlgari; circa 2000s.

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