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Bulgari Contemporary Diamond Emerald Parure Suite

Bulgari Contemporary Diamond Emerald Parure Suite

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In the glamorous world of Italian cinema in 1963, amidst the bustling set of "Cleopatra," an iconic quote was born as Richard Burton wittily declared, "I introduced Liz to beer, she introduced me to Bulgari," a playful reference to the film's leading star, Elizabeth Taylor. Established in Rome in 1884, Bulgari is celebrated for its bold forms, signature golden hues, and vibrant gemstones artfully arranged in sensuous patterns. This exceptional parure suite, adorned with diamonds and emeralds, consists of six related yet distinct pieces, including a necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings, large pin, and small pin. Each piece explores a variation on the theme of concentric circles adorned with diamonds and five-petal emerald blossoms, evoking the vibrant resurgence of spring when blossoms sway in gentle breezes.

The spotlight of the suite belongs to the necklace, aptly named the "spettacolo" piece, comprising diamond-studded double circles embellished alternately with emerald flowers and sizable diamonds. The necklace culminates in a substantial pendant featuring three emerald flowers and three prominent diamonds. The emeralds weigh an estimated 8.98 carats, while the diamonds total 1.21 carats. The inner circles appear to float, cleverly anchored in place by sizable diamonds or emerald flowers. The necklace measures 20 inches long, with an additional 2-inch pendant, boasting a total weight of approximately 90.64 grams.

The bracelet is the singular piece in the suite that diverges from the pattern: single circles, rich in diamonds, alternate with six striking emerald flowers. The bracelet, measuring 8 inches (20.32 cm), showcases emeralds weighing approximately 18.99 carats and diamonds totaling 4.51 carats, with an overall weight of around 49.47 grams.

The earrings are adorned with diamond-studded double circles, each graced by two exquisite emerald flowers and diamonds weighing approximately 5.94 carats. These clip-back earrings can be enhanced with a post-option for pierced ears. They measure about 1 x 0.8 inches (2.54 x 2 cm) and weigh approximately 23.06 grams. They are stamped "750" and "Made in Italy."

The smaller of the two pins, mirroring the necklace's pendant, features three equidistant large diamonds and emerald flowers with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

The larger two pins, measuring 2 inches in diameter, are designed with a single long stick pin ideal for adorning a hat. It showcases a delightful constellation of large and small emeralds interspersed with diamonds. Together, these pins total an estimated weight of 8.32 carats in emeralds and 1.2 carats in diamonds.

The approximate total gemstone weight across this five-piece suite ranges from 46 to 48 carats in emeralds and 12 to 14 carats in diamonds, with a total overall weight of 208.77 grams. Each piece is signed "Bvlgari," stamped "750," and bears the "Made in Italy" mark. This suite hails from the 2000s and seamlessly combines Bulgari's timeless allure with contemporary sophistication, paying homage to the iconic essence of the 1960s and capturing the enduring spirit of luxury and elegance.

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