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Bulgari 89.72ct Sapphire, Emerald Diamond Bangle

Bulgari 89.72ct Sapphire, Emerald Diamond Bangle

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Enter the realm of opulence with the Bulgari 89.72-carat Sapphire Emerald Diamond Bangle, an extraordinary manifestation of Bulgari's artistry and devotion to luxury. Immerse yourself in the allure of the 89.72-carat cabochon Sapphire, a Burmese treasure with an authentic pedigree certified by SSEF, standing as a testament to its untouched natural beauty. The sapphire has no indications of heating.

This bangle transcends convention with the inclusion of precisely cut calibre Emeralds, strategically positioned to harmonize with the commanding Sapphire. Baguette Diamonds, arranged with meticulous detail, lend an enchanting sparkle that elevates the overall aesthetic of this wearable masterpiece.

Forged in the richness of 18k yellow gold, this bangle bears a substantial weight of 145.30 grams, embodying the robust elegance synonymous with Bulgari's creations. Dating back to the iconic year of 1993, the design encapsulates the brand's ability to blend timeless allure with a contemporary spirit, crafting a piece that stands as an embodiment of artistry and innovation.

The bangle, with a circumference measuring 6.30 inches, is not merely jewelry; it's a narrative of craftsmanship, precious gemstones, and a heritage that has defined Bulgari as a symbol of unrivaled luxury. Wear it singularly for a bold statement or layer it with other Bulgari creations to curate an ensemble that speaks volumes about your refined taste.

In the Bulgari 89.72ct Sapphire Emerald Diamond Bangle, every element is a chapter in a story of opulence and sophistication, a tale that unfolds with each glance. Elevate your collection with this distinctive piece that captures the essence of timeless glamour in a way only Bulgari can master.

Signed Bulgari

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Metal :18KYG




18K Yellow Gold

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