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Art Deco Style Diamond Ruby Platinum Engagement Ring

Art Deco Style Diamond Ruby Platinum Engagement Ring

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If you have a love for mathematical harmony and pleasing geometry, you will love this Art Deco-style diamond, ruby, and platinum cocktail ring made in the Contemporary Era, circa 2010s. The focal point is an emerald-cut diamond with mesmerizing concentric rectangles that leads the eye into the center of the piece. The diamond weighs approximately 2 carats and is equivalent to K color, VVS2 clarity. The center stone is flanked to the right and left by tapered French-cut rubies, which lead the eye back out, creating a pleasing movement within the design. In fact, the entire composition of the ring looks like an eye. The melee diamonds, totaling approximately 1 carat, are set in gleaming platinum – surmount and on the side of the setting – and punctuate the entire pointed-oval shape, like top and bottom sparkling lashes.

Cocktail rings first appeared in the Roaring 20s during the Art Deco period and were popularly worn at fancy anti-Prohibition parties as a way to flaunt illicit behavior. These cocktail rings typically featured bold gemstones and became a symbol of wealth, status, and social independence. The Art Deco period prized colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds for their boldness and glamour, playing the undiluted deep colors off diamonds and platinum settings for dramatic effect and stark contrasts. Custom geometric cuts were paramount, and specialty shapes were cut to specifically to fit very closely together in a jewelry design – as in the rubies and center diamond in this ring, set seamlessly, without visible prongs. The coquettish charm and period details of this contemporary ring will certainly win the hearts of Art Deco enthusiasts.

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