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Antique Burmese Ruby Diamond Halo Riviere Necklace

Antique Burmese Ruby Diamond Halo Riviere Necklace

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Burmese rubies are arguably the gold standard by which every ruby is measured. They are the most rare and valuable, prized for their extremely saturated particular color, caused by a high chromium content in the ground from which they are extracted. Today, the mines of Myanmar (formerly Burma) are no longer producing large or gem-quality stones, thus raising the value on a limited supply. In fact, today, the majority of Burmese rubies are mainly found in estate pieces extracted decades or even centuries ago.
A prized Burmese ruby might find its way into a newer setting such as this Antique Burmese Ruby Diamond Halo Riviere Necklace made in Italy in the 20th century, circa 1990. Rivière is French for river—in this case, a river of gems. These necklaces first became popular in the 1700s and were redesigned and updated over the years. This spectacular Riviere Necklace is crafted in 18K white gold and features 33 oval faceted rubies weighing an estimated 34.81 carats total. The rubies are accompanied by report no. 1098179 dated 18 January 2019 from American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) stating that the rubies are of a Burmese origin with indications of heating. The rubies have a richly saturated glow that is further enhanced by 33 sparkling halos of bright white diamonds, weighing approximately 16.19 carats total.
At first glance the diamonds appear to alternate between round and baguette; however, upon closer inspection, the rectangular baguette shape is created with 18K white gold set with two smaller rounds, creating a unique geometric floret motif throughout. To exalt the rich color of a ruby, a skilled jeweler will select diamonds with intense whiteness. Juxtaposed against a diamond halo, the brilliant color saturation of the ruby is intensified. Coveted for centuries, rubies can command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone, second only to colored diamonds. The ruby has long been representative of romantic love. It is said to inspire devotion and faithfulness within a romantic relationship. In fact, French jewelers in the 1800s referred to the ruby as the "dearly loved stone." The fiery red color and sparkle can inspire sensuality in the wearer.

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