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10.43 ct Pink Sapphire Eternity Wedding Bandby Spectra Fine Jewelry

10.43 ct Pink Sapphire Eternity Wedding Bandby Spectra Fine Jewelry

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The linear beauty and continual flow of step cut gemstones provides a mesmerizing geometric presentation in this unique eternity band from Spectra Fine Jewelry. Crafted in 18K rose gold, the gems are masterfully showcased in minimal, finely crafted settings, maximizing their unique and captivating qualities. The gem is made in the 21st century, 2022, and features 17 emerald-cut pink sapphires weighing an estimated total of 10.43 carats, approximately 0.61 carat per stone. The sapphires are all natural, not certified.

Pink sapphires come in very pale baby pink to vivid, intense magenta. Purplish-pink sapphires combine two beautiful hues of sapphires to create a truly unique and stunning original color and are normally referred to as pink sapphires until 30% or more of the color is purple. A purplish-pink stone is going to present unique outcomes in the stone that could be quite surprising and spectacular. All sapphires are a variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide. It is small amounts of trace elements present during the formation of the corundum, over thousands of years that give the sapphire its specific color. In the case of pinks and purples, one of the primary elements is chromium, the same which colors a ruby. Pink and purple sapphires are usually priced higher than yellows and greens, but below blue sapphires. Pink sapphires have been exponentially increasing in popularity as a modern and extremely flattering colored gemstone.

The jewel-centric ring features a scalloped setting of open shared prongs which elegantly contour the sides of the stones, framing them beautifully and optimizing the amount of light to shine through each sparkling gem. The unique rose gold complements the color of the sapphires in a way that is inspired and celebratory. Such attention to detail is emblematic of Spectra Fine Jewelry, always showing us a fresh way to look at the world through their stunning jewelry designs. With this happy grouping of stones revolving around your finger every day, the only thing more charming and captivating is your love. A matching pair of pink sapphire and rose gold hoop earrings are available and sold separately at the time of this writing.

US Size 6.5, cannot be resized other than an insert to make the ring smaller. 17 emerald-cut pink natural sapphires weighing a total of 10.43 carats. Average weight of each stone is 0.61 carat. Overall weight approx. 7.13 grams, made in 18k rose gold. Circa 2022.

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