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Vintage Diamond Necklace in Platinum

Vintage Diamond Necklace in Platinum

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The piece of jewelry in question is a stunning and rare necklace from the 1950s, featuring an elegant design that perfectly captures the spirit of its era. The necklace measures 15 inches and weighs 56.14 grams. It features a front suspending a baguette-cut diamond overlapping swag, which is beautifully accented by a circular-cut diamond neck chain. The diamonds on this necklace are of exceptional quality and set in platinum, further enhancing their brilliance and sparkle."

The baguette diamonds in the swag section of the necklace are particularly impressive, weighing in at approximately 15.50 carats. These diamonds are cut in a distinctive baguette shape, which gives them a unique and striking appearance. The round diamonds on the necklace are also noteworthy, with a total weight of approximately 17 carats. These diamonds are cut in a classic round shape, which is known for its brilliance and fire.

In addition to the baguette and round diamonds, the necklace also features square and circular-cut diamond details, which add to the overall beauty and sophistication of the piece. These smaller diamonds are meticulously set in platinum, creating a delicate and intricate design that perfectly complements the larger diamonds.

Overall, this necklace is a true masterpiece of jewelry design, with a total diamond weight of approximately 32.50 carats. It is a rare and valuable piece that represents the best of 1950s jewelry design, and it will surely be cherished by anyone lucky enough to own it.

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