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Vintage Articulated Diamond Pave Bombe Bracelet

Vintage Articulated Diamond Pave Bombe Bracelet

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A fine jewel seems to come to life when worn—sparkling more brightly, changing its shape, becoming a presence on to its own. This Vintage Articulated Diamond Pave Bombé Bracelet, made in the late 20th century, circa 1990s, is a perfect example of such a phenomenon. On the wrist, the beautiful diamond grid swells upward in the center, creating a lifelike flowing curve. Off the wrist it is difficult to see that bracelet is made in the bombé style (French, meaning ‘bomb-shaped’ and named for the French dessert, bombe glacée or ice cream bomb) which offers a pleasingly rounded, attention-grabbing shape with more surface area for embellishment. The flexible articulated bracelet is crafted in platinum set with 203 round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing an estimated total of 50 carats. Each stone is an estimated 0.25 carat of E-F color and VVS-VS clarity.

Off the wrist, it is believable that the bracelet is a regularized grid of all the same size stone, arranged in 5 rows across the 7-inch length (17.78 cm) by 0.6-inch width (1.52 cm) of the bracelet. On the wrist, the diamonds in the center row at the apex of the dome shape appear larger, with stones tapering in size towards the edges. But this is not the case. It is a wonderful illusion created by the bombé shape. Articulated diamond bracelets were made popular in the Roaring 20s when ladies wore them two and three at a time for an opulent look. While the bracelets were largely minimalist like this design, articulated bracelets were more often flat. Volume was not out of the question in bangle bracelets of the time, however. The domed shape of this bracelet changes the minimalist look, giving the articulated bracelet a different inflection. It is interesting how a detail can change the feeling so dramatically.

The artisanship and engineering of this piece from the 1990s is quite special. The reverse side reveals how the settings are networked to make all the fabulous effects of dynamic movement and fluidity happen. Its multitude of assembled links creates an effect of extreme delicacy. The diamonds are linked both across the width and diagonally, but from afar, the stones look complete separate and floating. Across the width, they sit at two different elevations that alternate to maximize the sparkle and create the illusion of additional movement. The bracelet is a true treat for the eyes in so many ways, most especially when the jewel is adorning your wrist.

Measures approx. 7” in length x 0.6” in width. 203 round diamonds, approx. 0.25 carats each; weighing a total of 50.00 carats, E-F color, VVS-VS clarity. Overall weight approx. 93.21 grams, made in platinum. Circa 1990s.

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