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Tiffany & Co. Rock Crystal Quartz Diamond Flower Bracelet Pair

Tiffany & Co. Rock Crystal Quartz Diamond Flower Bracelet Pair

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Rock crystal, once considered too common a stone to be used in jewelry design, started in the 1920s and 1930s to feature alongside some seriously rare and expensive precious gems in high jewelry collections by the world’s most well-known luxury brands, namely Cartier and Tiffany & Co. This pair of Tiffany & Co. Rock Crystal Quartz Diamond Flower Bracelets, made in the 21st century, circa 2000, features two varieties of quartz—rose quartz and chalcedony—carved to elegant perfection. The pair of 7.5-inch-long (19.05 cm) bracelets are crafted in platinum, one set with rose quartz, pink tourmaline, and white diamonds; the other set with chalcedony, sapphire, and diamonds. The gross platinum weight is approximately 117.20 grams total, with 60.53 grams for the pink bracelet and 56.67 grams for the blue bracelet. The bracelets are Signed Tiffany & Co. with French assay marks (Q: is PT950 France an assay mark?) and include the original Tiffany boxes. The bracelet design was featured in a Tiffany & Co. catalogue along with a matching necklace and ring.

Rock crystal, sometimes referred to as quartz crystal, is pure quartz. Chalcedony is a is a type of semitransparent to opaque quartz that is formed not of one single crystal but a number of finely grained microcrystals. Gem traders use the term “chalcedony” to refer to blue or white variations. Most chalcedony varieties are translucent to semi-translucent, and some very fine examples may reach the semitransparent level. Rose quartz has a pale pink to rose red color. The color is thought to be caused by trace amounts of titanium. Since rose quartz is cloudy, it is not commonly used as a faceted gem, but instead cut into cabochons, rounded into beads for necklaces, or carved.

Here the carved petals are wonderfully sculptural and feature soft, curved edges which whirl around in a clockwise direction like a stylized cherry blossom. Each bracelet is comprised of 7 delicate flowers accented at each center with 7 bezel-set gemstones (pink tourmaline or blue sapphire) arranged in a lovely rosette pattern. The translucency of each petal is highlighted with sculptural openwork leaves which form the linked connective structure of the bracelet. The leaves are double-layer, accented with diamonds on the upper leaves and pink tourmaline or blue sapphire on the lower. Each clasp repeats the silhouette of the 5-petal flowers except paved in diamonds for the pink bracelet and sapphires for the blue. The quietly elegant pair of bracelets have an air of vintage glamour and are a fitting harbinger of Spring.

Each bracelet measures approx. 7.5” in length. Overall weights: blue bracelet 56.67 grams; pink bracelet 60.53 grams; both crafted in Platinum. Signed Tiffany & Co. and are accompanied with their individual Tiffany & Co. boxes; circa 2000s. Retail price is approx. $62,100.

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