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Spectra Fine Jewelry: 2.23 Carat Kashmir Sapphire Diamond Ring - AGL Certified

Spectra Fine Jewelry: 2.23 Carat Kashmir Sapphire Diamond Ring - AGL Certified

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If you love a romantic ring with a sweet story, the three stone engagement ring is for you. The three stones tell the story of a couple's past, present, and future together, with the center stone, usually the largest in the trio, symbolizing the present. This three-stone emerald ring made by Spectra Fine Jewelry in the 21st century, circa 2010s, is so classic, sparkling, and all-around elegant, it alternately could be worn as a celebration ring or cocktail ring too. Crafted in platinum, the ring features a cushion-cut blue sapphire weighing an estimated 2.23 carats set simply with 4 prongs. The sapphire is accompanied by report no. CS 49572 dated 9 May 2012 from the America Gemological Laboratories (AGL) stating that the natural corundum blue sapphire is of Kashmir origin with no indication of thermal treatment. Natural unheated sapphires are rare as the majority of colored gemstones on the market have been heat-treated to improve the color saturation or clarity.

The styling of this ring is timeless and stunning with minimal metal, allowing the cut, color, and dazzling effects of the gemstones to take center stage. The center stone is flanked on either side by a round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing an estimated 2 carats total of G-H color and VS-SI clarity, each set with 3 prongs. From side view, all you can see is four-plus carats of gorgeousness uninterrupted by prongs, optimizing the amount of light to shine through each sparkling gem. For most diamond shapes, H color is a great stone to go for. It is versatile and luxuriant. Since both G and H diamonds fall in the same near colorless category with the color difference between the two almost impossible to detect with the naked eye, the diamonds—symbolizing your past and future in this ring—are anchored on excellent footing.

The three most famous regions for blue sapphire are Kashmir, Myanmar (Burma), and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Along with their rarity, sapphires from Kashmir have a special historical appeal, like Burmese rubies and Colombian emeralds. There is a lot of myth around their origin, which makes them more desirable. The sapphire is one variety of the corundum mineral species, which also includes ruby. In its purest form, the mineral corundum is colorless. Iron and titanium are the trace element that causes sapphire’s blue. The more iron the stronger the blue, and the more intense and uniform the blue is, the more valuable the stone.

Sapphires have been favored in engagement rings since the 14th or 15th century amongst royal and wealthy families as a symbol of fidelity, trust, faithfulness, and sincerity. With a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness, second only to diamonds with a 10, the true-blue stone is durable enough to withstand everyday wear. The cushion cut, chosen for the sapphire, is often referred to as a pillow cut due to its square or rectangular shape with rounded edges. This cut comprises 58 facets, like brilliant stones and has been popular since the 18th century. The softened square shape offers a classic look with a velvety and romantic old-world charm. Your love is off to a spectacular start.

Size US 5.75, can be resized. Cushion-cut Kashmir, unheated sapphire weight approx. 2.23 carats, accompanied with AGL (American Gemological Laboratories) Certificate. White diamond weight approx. 2.00 carats total, G-H color, VS-SI clarity. Overall weight approx. 6.95 grams, made in platinum; circa 21st Century.

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