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Spectra Fine Jewelry Unheated Ruby Diamond Halo Cocktail Engagement Ring

Spectra Fine Jewelry Unheated Ruby Diamond Halo Cocktail Engagement Ring

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While a ruby's deep, luxurious hue traditionally symbolizes love and passion, it remains a relatively rare choice for engagement rings. However, some notable celebrities like Eva Longoria, Katy Perry, and Victoria Beckham have proudly sported rubies, elevating their desirability. Rubies boast an impressive hardness rating of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, ensuring their durability and suitability as a symbol of enduring love. Symbolically, rubies enhance one's capacity to give and receive unconditional love, often called the "stone of the heart," with a rule over passion. With all these compelling attributes, perhaps it's time to consider a proposal with a ruby ring.

This 21st-century masterpiece, the Ruby Diamond Halo Ring, crafted by Spectra Fine Jewelry in 2019, makes an exquisite and meaningful statement. It showcases an oval ruby with a deep, vibrant red hue, estimated at 6.16 carats, accompanied by Gemresearch Swisslab (GRS) report no. GRS2021-026545, dated 11 February 2021, confirming its natural corundum red ruby with no thermal treatment.

Unheated natural rubies hold a significant allure, particularly in sizes as substantial as this, as they are exceedingly rare. Most colored gemstones have undergone heat treatment to enhance their color or clarity. Less than one percent of all gem-quality rubies are estimated to remain untreated. This oval-faceted ruby possesses a warm sparkle that unveils the various captivating shades within the gemstone. In sizes exceeding one carat, such a quality ruby with remarkable color and clarity is exceptional. The rich ruby hue is further accentuated by the surrounding oval halo of white diamonds, adding vivacity and brilliance. This diamond halo enhances the central stone's appearance and creates the illusion of greater size and grandeur by contrast. The ring's setting is expertly crafted in platinum, with diamonds adorning the halo and gracing the elegant split shank band. The 12.83 x 10.44 x 5.11 mm ruby is securely held within the setting by four platinum prongs.

However, the ruby's cut and quality are not the sole factors that set this piece apart. Its artistry and well-proportioned design can be admired from every angle. Upon closer inspection, the reverse side reveals another exquisite detail. The ring's shank is adorned with interconnected diamond cutouts in platinum, providing aesthetic appeal and allowing light to penetrate the stone's pavilion from all directions, intensifying its fiery brilliance.

This remarkable ring is size 5.75 but can be resized to suit your preferences. The unheated center ruby weighs approximately 6.16 carats and is certified by GRS. The ring's overall weight is around 4.44 grams, expertly crafted in platinum, and dates back to 2019. It stands as a testament to the enduring allure of rubies as symbols of love and passion, offering a rare and meaningful choice for an engagement ring.

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