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Spectra Fine Jewelry Old European Cut Diamond Solitare Ring 30.12ct

Spectra Fine Jewelry Old European Cut Diamond Solitare Ring 30.12ct

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Is there anything more sustainable than a one-of-a-kind antique diamond more than 100 years old that has been repurposed into a modern setting? It is romantic to think about this particular old European cut diamond, a direct predecessor to the contemporary round brilliant cut diamond, and its mysterious life in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, during the Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco periods. In this diamond's heyday, many diamond rings were known as "dinner rings" because you would wear your diamond at dinner. Usually, the size was more demure, as this particular stone is beyond an average-sized diamond, which increases its value due to sheer rarity. Each Old European cut diamond is unique, like a fingerprint, as it was cut by hand and by eye in candlelight to be worn in the same lighting for ultimate scintillation.

Connoisseurs of the old European cut will recognize the unique beauty in this Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, made by Spectra Fine Jewelry. Although the ring was made in the 21st century, 2017, the diamond is more than 100 years older and has been refitted, recontextualized, and reinvigorated from an estate piece. This unique engagement ring, crafted newly in 18K white gold, features this circular brilliant Old European-cut diamond with an estimated weight of 30.12 carats. The diamond is accompanied by report no. 5071026030, dated February 23, 2015, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), stating it is of J color and VS2 clarity with strong white fluorescence.

A diamond's cut refers to its shape, proportions, and facets, designed to enhance the stone's brilliance and accentuate how light plays off the aspects. Lapidary, or gem cutters, strive to reveal the full sparkle and fire of the gem by focusing on symmetry, the quality of the polish, and the finishes of the cut. Most of the work that gem cutters do nowadays is done by motorized machinery and digital technology. Diamond cutting has become standardized and far more reliable with cut measurement and analysis technology that can perfect a diamond's cut and light performance. Unlike present-day diamonds that are optimized for size (precisely a large diameter with a shallow table) and cut (the brilliant cut is the most popular to maximize sparkle and brilliance), the Old European cut or Miner's cut has a deeper table, resulting a fiery scintillation that is unlike anything you have ever seen. Something about the old European cut diamond transcends mere vintage appeal. It cuts to the heart of the past and inspires us with a quality of light—an indescribable, romantic, flickering light—that is new to our modern eyes. And it is love at first sight. We are enchanted.

Size US 7; can be resized. Round Old European-cut diamond weight approx. 30.12 carats, certified by GIA, J color, VS2 clarity. Overall weight approx. 73.12 grams, made in 18k white gold; circa 2017.

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