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Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond White Gold Bezel Tennis Bracelet 7.12 ct

Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond White Gold Bezel Tennis Bracelet 7.12 ct

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It is only fair that as your tennis game improves, so should your tennis bracelet. Or at least we believe this should be part of the official USTA Rules & Regulations. Certainly, Chris Evert’s tennis bracelets got more and more spectacular over the years since she first inadvertently coined the term in 1978. This Bezel-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Spectra Fine Jewelry is nice for a strong player but also smashing for someone who has never stepped foot on a court. Let’s be honest; the stylings of the sport are just as important as the technique. The bracelet, made in the 21st century, is crafted in gleaming platinum and features 29 round brilliant-cut diamonds with an estimated total weight of 15.60 carats. Each diamond is just over a half carat, set in a separate round bezel for quite a striking silhouette. The weight of the bracelet is 25 grams.

Typically the tennis bracelet, also once known as an eternity bracelet, is composed of a single type of gemstone, most commonly diamonds, of all the same size, cut, and shape, set in separate articulated collets or bezels, but more typically in prong or claw mountings. Like the idea of an eternity bracelet, the stones flow around the wrist uninterrupted, even by the clasp, which is hidden (and nowadays also includes safety, so you won’t have the same problem as Chris Evert did). The design has remained minimalist, devoid of other ornamentation, so the focus is on the beauty of the stones and the uniformity within the strand. Among classic tennis bracelets, of which this is one, only slight variations exist, which include diamond size or shape, metal, and settings including prong, channel, and bezel.

The bezel-set design emphasizes the round shape of each individual diamond and gives a bigger, more eye-popping look. The setting takes great skill and expertise to create a custom fit for a gemstone properly. It also takes a greater amount of metal to surround the girdle of the stone while overlapping its edges. In the end, the bezel setting offers the greatest amount of protection for each stone because there is more contact than compared with the classic prong setting, for example. It also prevents build-up from an active lifestyle that includes saying, tennis, which causes a diamond to lose its brilliance and become dull and cloudy.

The idea that a bezel setting reduces a diamond’s sparkle is a commonly held myth; however, properly designed bezel settings do not diminish the brilliance of the stone even the slightest bit. The sparkle from round brilliant-cut diamonds is the result of light that enters the table, reflects off the facets of the pavilion, and reflects right back out the way it came in, through the table and crown. These beautifully crafted settings are open at the back, allowing the greatest amount of light to come through each stone so that you can dazzle, both on the court and off.

35 white round brilliant diamonds, weighing approx. 7.12 carats total. Overall weight approx. 13.48 grams, made in platinum. 21st century.

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