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Spectra Fine Jewelry Demi Parure Suite with Diamond Pave Honeycomb Design

Spectra Fine Jewelry Demi Parure Suite with Diamond Pave Honeycomb Design

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The term "parure," originating from the French verb "parer," which means "to adorn," has a rich history dating back to the late 1600s and was notably revived during the time of Napoleon (1769-1821). Napoleon, the French military leader and emperor, commissioned and lavished spectacular parure suites on his first and second wives. These sets, known for their luxury, could encompass up to sixteen individual pieces. In contrast, demi-parures consist of as few as two pieces, such as earrings and a brooch or earrings and a necklace. This exquisite suite, created by Spectra Fine Jewelry in the 21st century (circa 2010s), captures the essence of this historical tradition.

Much like bees drawn to the allure of a flower, Napoleon found himself captivated by the honeycomb-inspired diamond setting of this radiant demi-parure. The bee, one of the oldest symbols of French royalty, was chosen by Napoleon as the emblem to represent his imperial status, symbolizing a connection to the ancient kings and conveying a sense of legitimacy.

Crafted in 18K white gold, this regal Diamond Pavé Honeycomb Demi Parure Suite would befit Empress Joséphine herself. It comprises two related yet distinct pieces: a captivating 16-inch (41 cm) collar necklace and equally dramatic 2.70-inch-long (6.5 cm) drop earrings. The enchanting ear drops are designed for pierced ears and feature posts and French clips. The suite boasts an impressive total of approximately 55.60 carats of round diamonds. Each piece showcases a recurring bombé-style flower motif adorned with a honeycomb pattern of pavé-set diamonds. The pavé setting, derived from the French word for "paved," covers a jewelry item's surface with many tiny, sparkling stones arranged in a honeycomb pattern. This setting method employs little, triangular-shaped handmade claws that securely hold the stones close to the surface, creating a carpet of brilliance across the entire piece. The result is a sleek, elegant, and exceptionally radiant ensemble.

The bombé style of the floral centers offers a pleasingly rounded, attention-grabbing shape with an increased surface area for embellishment. In the necklace, the oval-shaped centers are accentuated by a halo of round diamonds, each delicately secured with a single prong at the outer tip, producing a starburst effect of pear-shaped petals. This captivating and stylized floral motif repeats in the drop earrings, showcasing fully rounded pear-shaped centers that are elegantly elongated and adorned with abundant diamonds.

The collar necklace can also be likened to a riviere necklace, featuring a progressive series of progressively larger gemstones, in this instance, with twenty-six graduated floral motifs, each composed of multiple stones. Similarly, in the earrings, the three motifs' graduated progression is dramatic and masterfully executed. Every intricate detail exemplifies the artistry and impeccable craftsmanship of Spectra Fine Jewelry, enhancing the play of light through the diamonds and allowing the natural beauty of the stones to radiate brilliantly.

The necklace measures approximately 16 inches (41 cm), and each earring is about 2.70 inches long (6.5 cm). The total diamond weight is around 55.60 carats. This stunning suite is crafted in 18k white gold and originates from the 2010s.

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