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Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond Emerald Drop Earrings

Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond Emerald Drop Earrings

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The cabochon emerald, a gemstone with a rich history dating from the time of the Egyptians to the royal treasures of monarchs, holds a unique and enduring allure. The renowned Cleopatra's Mines in Egypt once served as the primary source of emeralds worldwide until the 16th century when substantial deposits were found in the Americas. These emeralds are revered for symbolizing abundance, prosperity, and growth, especially in the context of nature.

Spectra Fine Jewelry crafted these stunning Diamond Emerald Drop Earrings around 2010, encapsulating the splendor of nature's riches. The earrings feature two magnificent drop-shaped cabochon emeralds, with a combined weight of approximately 31.39 carats (14.64 and 16.75 carats each). They come with certification by C. Dunaigre, affirming their natural corundum emerald status, characterized by an intense green hue of Colombian origin and minor clarity enhancements.

These exquisite earrings are designed for pierced ears, complete with posts and French clips, measuring a striking 2.5 inches in length (6.35 cm) and weighing a total of 33.46 grams. Fashioned in platinum, the symmetrical pair showcases three floral motifs, each consisting of six pear-shaped diamond petals radiating around a central round diamond. These dazzling elements culminate in a cupola-shaped setting resembling an acorn hat, also made of platinum and adorned with graduated round diamonds. The total diamond weight is approximately 11.57 carats, exhibiting F-G colors and VS clarity. The opulent floral garlands appear to dance, their glistening petals creating a cascade of sparkling light before leading to the gracefully rounded, organic forms of the emeralds below.

Colombia has long been recognized as the premier supplier of the world's highest-quality and most abundant emerald deposits. Emeralds belong to the beryl mineral species, characterized by their green to bluish-green hues, which is influenced by trace elements like chromium, vanadium, and iron. Colombian emeralds typically exhibit a pure, vibrant, and saturated green color due to their higher chromium content, a characteristic highly prized by connoisseurs. To the ancient Egyptians, green was a sacred color associated with the fertility of the Nile-flooded land. Pharaohs were laid to rest with emeralds, a symbol of eternal life. These captivating emerald and diamond earrings embody a rich historical legacy, a spectrum of color, and artistic form, exuding a timeless and enduring beauty.

Key Details:

Length: Approximately 2.5 inches each; designed for pierced ears.
Diamond Weight: Approximately 11.57 carats in total, featuring F-G colors and VS clarity.
Colombian Emerald Weight: Approximately 31.39 carats in total, certified by the C. Dunaigre laboratory.
Material: Crafted in platinum.
Creation Date: Circa 2010.

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